Being a member of UCAR means being part of a community that helps shape the future direction of the field of Earth system science. 

The UCAR consortium includes 120 North American colleges and universities that offer research and education programs in Earth system science, ranging from meteorology to hydrology, oceanography, atmospheric chemistry, climate science, and beyond. These institutions appoint member representatives who serve as vital links between the academic community, NCAR, and the other programs and projects managed by UCAR. 

UCAR benefits its members by providing community networking resources and offering an array of services that individual members institutions could not maintain on their own. UCAR also alerts its membership to legislative and budget issues that may affect their work, educates members of Congress on scientific problems and societal impacts, and advocates on behalf of broad community interests. 

UCAR member benefits:

  • participate in identifying and planning for future community needs, from conceptualizing a new instrument to acquiring new aircraft or developing a new community program
  • receive news about research and education opportunities at NCAR and across the community, and updates on legislative and federal budget issues
  • amplify their voice with decision makers in Congress and at the federal agencies
  • govern UCAR itself, from election of the UCAR Board of Trustees to the selection of new member institutions
  • discuss classroom and research-related work with other faculty at UCAR Member Institutions on the UCAR Member Forum.