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The success of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, a consortium of institutions organized to foster and facilitate research in the atmospheric and related sciences, depends greatly on the participation of the individual member representatives who serve as a formal link between their member institutions and UCAR. Representatives keep university colleagues informed about UCAR activities, serve on UCAR governance committees, and represent the university perspectives and positions to UCAR and NSF NCAR.

Who should serve as a Member Representative?

The UCAR Bylaws suggest that the two representatives be appointed from the administrative and scientific staffs respectively. Both representatives should be willing and able to actively engage with UCAR and carry out the responsibilities of a Member Rep.

How is a Member Representative appointed?

It is up to the member university who should serve as the member's representatives. for the representatives to be recognized by UCAR, an appointment letter need to be sent to the UCAR Governance Office from the chief executive officer, or his/her designee, of the university. The length of a Member Representative's term is decided by the member university.

The responsibilities of the Member Representative are to:

  • Inform colleagues and students about UCAR and NSF NCAR activities and resources by forwarding communications including e-newsletters and messages about events, opportunities, and updates from UCAR, UCP, and NSF NCAR leadership.
  • Attend the annual UCAR Members Meeting representing and acting on behalf of your member university. The UCAR Annual Members Meeting is a convening of our scientific and academic community. The purpose of the Annual Members Meeting is to elect Trustees to the UCAR Board of Trustees, new UCAR members, approve renewing members and appoint individuals to the UCAR President's Advisory Committee on University Relations (PACUR), the Membership Committee, and the Member's Nominating Committee. Members also have the opportunity to discuss topics of importance to the university community and help shape the future of the National Center. If a Member Representative is unable to attend the Members Meeting, they should arrange to send a substitute in their place.
  • Share concerns of the member university with the UCAR president, the Chair of the UCAR Board of Trustees, a member of PACUR, or the UCAR Governance Office.
  • Respond on behalf of the member institution to UCAR, UCP, and NSF NCAR inquiries, surveys, and call for nominations, etc.
  • Serve as the point of contact with the UCAR Governance and University Relations Office and to prepare and submit the institution's membership renewal application.