The success of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, a consortium of institutions organized to foster and facilitate research in the atmospheric and related sciences, depends greatly on the participation of the individual member representatives who serve as a formal link between their member institutions and UCAR. Representatives keep university colleagues informed about UCAR activities, serve on UCAR governance committees, and represent the university perspectives and positions to UCAR.

Two representatives, often one from the member’s administrative staff and one from academic staff, are appointed by the institution’s chief executive officer or his/her designee. The length of term is decided by the university. UCAR member representatives:

  • Forward communication from the UCAR and NCAR to colleagues and students, including e-newsletters, messages from the UCAR president, and opportunities for fellowships, seminars, and jobs.

  • Share concerns of the member institution with the UCAR president, the President’s Advisory Committee on University Relations, or governance and university relations staff.

  • Respond on behalf of the member institution to UCAR inquiries, surveys, Call for Nominations, etc.

  • Participate in the annual UCAR Members Meeting by representing and acting on behalf of the member institution and by discussing issues and voting for the election of trustees, new members, and members eligible for reelection, as well as bylaw amendments. Share the outcomes from the meeting with colleagues as appropriate.

  • Serve as the point of contact with the UCAR governance and university relations department to prepare and submit the institution’s membership renewal application.