With our university partners, we can do so much more.

Since our inception, collaborations between university researchers and our own scientists and engineers have helped push the boundaries of the Earth system sciences. For example, university faculty have been instrumental in the development of state-of-the-art community models that are based at NCAR. Those models, in turn, are available for other university researchers to use to ask new research questions.

College and university students who visit NCAR as interns and fellows provide fresh ideas for solving stubborn problems and bring back what they have learned at UCAR and NCAR to their own campuses.

At UCAR, it is our job to help facilitate these connections. In fact, our entire structure as an organization is built on top of the solid foundation of our 122 college and university members, who provide guidance on how we can best extend and enhance their own research and education capabilities.

Have and idea for a collaboration project? Contact the UCAR Governance office.