When NCAR and UCAR staff members visit universities, collaborations are born. 

UVisit participation strengthens our community through collaborative research, teaching, and technical support visits that offer opportunities for intellectual growth and professional development. For NCAR and UCAR scientists, engineers, and other professionals, the program provides opportunities to become involved in university life and helps build lasting connections with students and faculty. Visits can range from a few days to a few weeks to an academic year.

UCAR's UVisit program provides financial support for these visits, which can include:

  • giving lectures, tutorials, or workshops
  • collaborative research with university faculty and students 
  • teaching a class in person, remotely, or through a combination of methods
  • providing training and/or technical support for university facilities or equipment.

UVisit funds can be applied toward expenses such as travel and housing and, in some limited cases, may be available for short-term salary support. Preferably, salary should be covered by the NCAR lab or UCAR program; or, in situations where the participant is teaching a class, by the host university.