FACES is an employee resource group with the mission to reimagine and transform workplace culture by engaging staff, creating connections, and building a community of intentional allies. 

FACES logoWe believe that we can achieve equity by Forging a network of Allies and Creating meaningful connections with staff across the organization and job categories. Throughout the year, FACES organizes meet-ups with the goal to promote inclusion and Equity for everyone at UCAR. When founded, FACES' vision was to empower STEM staff to become actively involved in reimagining and transforming workplace culture. For this reason, the FACES team is composed of STEM staff representing NCAR labs and UCP centers and programs, who have stepped up to be actively involved, promoting DEI discussions with all staff: STEM and non-STEM.  

Meet-ups are made for all UCAR staff. This is where we collectively learn about DEI issues and how to better support one another. They serve as an opportunity to:

  • normalize inclusion conversations and empower participants to become more involved; 
  • connect people of all identities and cultures;
  • seek solutions and build upon successful strategies to combat workplace biases, discrimination, and microaggressions;
  • set examples of inclusive practices and disseminate them across research groups and disciplines at UCAR.

Headshots of each FACES ERG member smiling.