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FACES is a grassroots initiative that aims to engage staff, create connections, and build a community of allies that intentionally promotes inclusive practices. 

A collage of FACES membersFACES, which consists of staff from labs and programs across the organization, aims to provide a consistent and reliable space with guided group discussions. These regular meet-ups serve as an opportunity to 

  • normalize inclusion conversations and empower participants to become more involved; 
  • connect people of all identities and cultures;
  • seek solutions and build upon successful strategies to combat workplace biases, discrimination, and microaggressions;
  • set examples of inclusive practices and disseminate them across research groups and disciplines at UCAR.

The FACES initiative was created envisioning a future where STEM staff are actively involved in reimagining and transforming workplace culture to improve inclusion of diverse identities. The motivation behind this grassroots effort was to increase STEM staff involvement after noticing the lack of STEM staff attendance at various DEI activities despite the pervasive issues found in the 2017 workplace culture survey.