A graphic that reinforces the rules of engagement

We welcome everyone to our meet-ups, but ask that you follow our guidelines for engagement.

  • Grow Together Keep an open-mind • Encourage each other • Maintain space for people to learn and/or change their opinions • Aspire to grow • Take action based on what you learn

  • Practice Empathy Respect intersectionality • Honor individual experiences as opportunities to hear a new perspective

  • Listen to Learn Listen to learn, not to respond• Listen with an open heart

  • Exercise Patience Be kind and assume others have good intentions • Remember mistakes are both common and learning opportunities • Foster a welcoming environment for all individuals

  • Value Voices Every perspective is valued • Practice Self-awareness • Allow everyone the opportunity to speak • Embrace the dignity and diversity of every individual

  • Respect Confidentiality Please keep in mind that all supervisors are mandatory reports. Please assume everyone is a supervisor when sharing personal stories that may be illegal or against UCAR’s code of conduct. 

  • UCAR's Code of Conduct applies to all participants at all times.