The information below is for people traveling for UCAR Governance purposes. UCAR staff should reference Sundog for travel support.

Modes of travel


Travelers must use coach class (or less) fares unless otherwise authorized by UCAR, or unless the use of other accommodation is required for medical reasons. The use of other accommodations for medical or other reasons, except in emergencies, must be approved in advance by UCAR. All air travel must be by U.S. flag carriers to the extent that service by such carriers is available. Travelers are permitted to book their own domestic flights and submit for reimbursement or flights may be direct billed to UCAR by booking travel through Cain Travel. Any international travel (including Canada and Puerto Rico) MUST be booked through Cain Travel.


The use of a private automobile on official business will be reimbursed at the current (2022) federal standard mileage rate of $0.585/mile or the equivalent airfare whichever is the lesser of the costs. The use of a private automobile for travel beyond 500 miles total distance requires prior approval by UCAR. Loss of time resulting from the choice of a slower means of transportation, such as car or train, when faster commercial air transportation is available should be minimized.


The actual, reasonable cost of rental cars is a reimbursable expense. Collision and liability insurance for a rental car is NOT necessary, and therefore is not a reimbursable expense, as coverage will be provided for both physical damage to the vehicle and for third-party liability through UCAR's insurance. UCAR will cover additional charges for a GPS system if necessary. However, UCAR will not cover additional charges for a second driver or satellite radio. Be sure to include the receipt for your rental car with your other receipts even if your car was direct billed to UCAR.


Meeting attendees should stay at the contracted hotels. If UCAR makes your hotel reservations, the hotel will be directly billed to UCAR. 

Meals and incidentals

Most meals are provided during the meetings so a per diem allowance may be used by the traveler in lieu of the itemization of actual costs of meals and tips. Per diem rates are based on federal guidelines for the location of the meetings for the full allowance for meeting days and for 75 percent of allowance for travel days. 

Miscellaneous expenses

A traveler on official UCAR business will be reimbursed for certain miscellaneous costs incurred when itemized on a travel expense reimbursement expense report, and approved. Miscellaneous expenses under $50.00 do not require a receipt, except for fuel for rental cars. These expenses include:

  • Reasonable ground transportation charges e.g., taxis and shuttles, tips associated with ground transportation
  • Parking expenses incurred while conducting UCAR business
  • Highway tolls: Most travelers are not aware of the toll charge until a month or more after their trip, usually after the traveler has submitted their expense report to UCAR. Therefore, in order to avoid having to revise and re-submit expense reports, UCAR will allow a $36.00 expense for toll road fees to be claimed on the expense report, without having to submit a toll fee invoice
  • Baggage fees
  • Internet connection fees while on UCAR business
  • ATM fees
  • Itemized telephone calls in connection with official business. Allowable calls include change of itinerary, ‚Äúsafe arrival," and one personal call per week.

Miscellaneous expenses that require a receipt include:

  • Rental car fuel

Travel accident insurance

All UCAR travelers are insured under UCAR's Travel Accident Insurance Policy. Costs for other travel insurance will not be reimbursed.

Entertainment while traveling

Any cost for entertainment for self or colleagues while traveling is not reimbursable.

Expense reports

UCAR staff will be assigned to each meeting and they will connect with travelers about how to submit the travel expenses. A UCAR expense report will be prepared for you to review and approve via email. Following your approval, your expense report will be submitted to the UCAR Travel Office for final audit and payment. An expense report must be submitted for all trips that include any portion of the trip that was direct billed to UCAR, including rental cars, hotel rooms, and flights.