UCAR conducts all-staff Workplace Culture Surveys every four years, administered and analyzed by an external company. The first was conducted in Spring 2017, and the second in Spring 2021.

The goals of these surveys are to better understand the workplace environment and experience for our staff, to get recommendations from expert consultants in ways to create a more inclusive and welcoming culture throughout the organization, and to measure the effectiveness of the actions put in place in response to those recommendations.

As an organization, we advocate for radical transparency around DEI work and we encourage other organizations to use our survey questions to conduct similar studies at your own workplaces. We welcome mutual opportunities to benchmark surveys across different organizations in our community and to learn from each others' successes and challenges. if you are interested in talking more about anything related to our culture survey results, please contact ODEI.

Our current strategies for increasing the diversity of our workforce, and improving our equitable practices and inclusive culture are laid out in UCAR's DEI Strategic Plan. This is a living document and is updated on an ongoing basis as new challenges and opportunities arise. The next update will be due in Summer 2022 in response to the new insights gained in the 2021 Culture Survey.

View the 2017 Culture Survey information.

View the 2021 Culture Survey information, including comparisons to 2017.