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UCAR’s Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion worked with an independent contractor, The Nova Collective, to field the 2021 Workplace Culture Survey.

The goals of the survey were to get updated information on the workplace environment and staff experiences since 2017, to get new recommendations from expert consultants for further developing and growing an inclusive culture at all levels of the organization, and to measure the effectiveness of initiatives put in place in response to the 2017 survey.

Here you can find our Town Hall recording describing the 2021 survey results, the slide deck that accompanies that recording, the spreadsheet of quantitative results for 2017, 2021, and the compairisons between the years, and a document with all of the comparative responses to the 2021 survey questions across demographics.

Our office of DEI is currently working with every Lab, Program and Office across UCAR, NCAR, and UCP to develop their own Culture Survey implementation plans to address challenges and opportunities that surfaced in the survey. ODEI will also be leading a UCAR-wide Culture Summit in late Spring to discuss the UCAR-wide results with our staff and work together to develop new goals for inclusion in UCAR's DEI Strategic Plan.