November 2018

Dear Colleagues,

This year Veterans Day holds a particular poignancy, as we mark 100 years since the end of World War I. At the time, it was termed "the war to end all wars," and to this day it remains one of the largest armed conflicts in history. Veterans Day began as Armistice Day, commemorating the end of that war on Nov. 11, 1918. It serves as a solemn reminder to all of the cost of conflict to our service members, their families, and our country, and of the importance of caring for those we put in harm's way.

Today we remember the veterans who fought in World War I, along with those who served in our armed forces before and since, including many of your colleagues. I ask that we all take a moment to recognize their many sacrifices, and the sacrifices made by their families and friends who stayed behind. If you are a veteran, know that we recognize and appreciate the extensive and unique talents you contribute to our organization and we are committed to supporting you all as a vital part of our community.

I hope, as always, that your Veterans Day will be meaningful however you choose to recognize it, and I hope that those of you who have lost loved ones are able to find comfort and support.

Best wishes,