The NSF NCAR Mesa Lab and the road to the Mesa Lab are closed until further notice due to a wildfire west of the campus.

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Periodically, UCAR management and the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion put out messages to our staff and broader community in response to events in our society.

Our priority is to support our staff and to raise awareness of these issues within our community.

The Office of the President releases messages when one of three criteria are met:

  • An event directly impacts our staff at one of our facilities.
  • An event directly impacts one of our member institutions.
  • A mass shooting or similar violent event results in a federal order for flags to be flown at half staff. Examples of these include the events in Charlottesville (August 2017) and Pittsburgh (October 2018).

The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion releases messages when an event occurs anywhere in the world that disproportionately affects marginalized groups that are targeted within the United States and that represents a threat to the safety, life, and livelihood of marginalized people in our community. One example is the March 2019 shooting at two mosques in New Zealand, which disproportionately affected our Muslim colleagues and local community.