Feb. 27, 2017

Last week, President Trump provided updated guidance to universities and schools on the interpretation of Title IX and protections for transgender students. Under this guidance, schools and universities are no longer required to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms that match their gender identity, rolling back essential protections for students who are often targeted and vulnerable.

We want to reassure UCAR/NCAR employees that these new rules will not affect trans protections at UCAR/NCAR in any way. We stand firmly in support of our trans employees and those with trans family and friends, and it is our policy that everyone has the right to use the bathroom at UCAR/NCAR that is consistent with their gender identity. We also provide all-gender/gender-neutral single-stall restrooms on every Boulder-based campus for any employee who prefers to use them. A list of all-gender/gender-neutral restrooms can be found here.

The UCAR Office of Diversity and Inclusion has more resources for people wanting to know more. If you have been affected by this issue and would like to talk more, or have questions about our policies, please get in touch. For people wanting to learn more about this issue, there are a number of excellent resources, including a statement from Out Boulder County, Ivan Coyote’s article in Slate about their personal experiences using public restrooms as a transgender individual, and a recording of a talk given at UCAR/NCAR in 2016 by Out Boulder County’s Sara Connell, explaining gender identity.

If you have been in any way affected by this issue and want to talk more, or if you have questions about our policies and protections for trans employees, visitors, and their families, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us in the Office for Diversity and Inclusion. You can walk over, call us, or email us at any time.

In solidarity,

Carolyn & Kristen

UCAR Office for Diversity and Inclusion