Our mission is to build a community of individuals working to be active and effective male allies.

Men for Gender Equity at NSF NCAR, UCAR, and UCP (MGEN) is a community group open to all employees (interns, term, casual, visitors, and full). We identify our individual implicit biases around sexism and work toward ending them. We also foster and mentor a community of men focused on gender issues in the workplace and engage them in action-oriented conversations about resolving persistent sexism through allyship.

MGEN is intended to be an educational space for individuals who benefit from male privilege, and we want that learning to be focused on those individuals. This learning space will include discussions and experiences that may evoke uncomfortable emotions as we work toward being more effective allies. MGEN members empower each other to combat sexism in the workplace and set the example as allies for men in the broader community.



  1. Create a network of men within the organization who work to be allies to those who have been impacted by gender disparities.
  2. Raise awareness of gender disparities in the workplace impacting women and gender minorities, including those brought forward by the Women’s Listening Session report, and amplify initiatives to address these issues.
  3. Improve the ability of men in the organization to identify and correct behaviors and biases detrimental to those affected by gender disparities.
  4. Support and, when appropriate, intervene to ensure those affected by gender disparities are heard and respected.


How to Participate

Any current NSF NCAR, UCAR, or UCP employee or visitor is welcome to join MGEN activities. Employees can find MGEN in Google Groups to join and be informed about upcoming events.

MGEN is open to all genders, recognizing that certain topics may be triggering for those who have experienced sexism in the workplace.


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