Officers of the Corporation

Chair Susan Avery   
Vice Chair Sherri Goodman  
Secretary Kathy Jacobs  
Treasurer Ray Ban  
Assistant Secretaries

Aneka Finley - Governance Liaison
Sarah Pritchard - Chief Legal Officer

Assistant Treasurer Erika Smith - Chief Financial Officer  

Antonio Busalacchi - UCAR President
Everette Joseph - NCAR Director
Steven Gallagher - Chief Operating Officer
Sarah Pritchard - Chief Legal Officer


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees shall have and may exercise all the powers vested in the Board of Trustees during intervals between meetings of the Board unless the full Board of Trustees determines otherwise.

Chair Susan Avery   
Members Lourdes Avilés  
  Ray Ban  
  Antonio Busalacchi  
  Rita Colwell  
  Sherri Goodman  
  Kathy Jacobs  
  Christine Wiedinmyer  


Audit & Finance Committee

The Audit and Finance Committee is responsible for overseeing corporate financial management functions. The committee is also responsible for making recommendations to the Board regarding changes in financial management policies. The committee nominates a public accounting firm to carry out the annual audit of UCAR's financial positions and oversees UCAR's internal auditor.

Chair Ray Ban  
Members Ana Barros  
  Shuyi Chen  
  Heidi Cullen  
  Jim Geringer   
  Kathy Jacobs  
  Susan Lozier  
  Vernon Morris  


Board of Trustees Nominating Committee

The Board's Nominating Committee is appointed from among the current Trustees. Committee members are charged with appointing Trustees to standing Board committees and nominating officers of the corporation. The committee also appoints members of special committees of the Board as needed.

Chair Lourdes Avilés  
Members Rita Colwell  
  Rana Fine  
  David Randall  

NCAR Budget & Programs Committee

The NCAR Budget and Programs Committee provides guidance and oversight to NCAR and UCAR management for the development of the NCAR strategic plan and annual program plans.

Chair Christine Wiedinmyer  
Members Shuyi Chen  
  Heidi Cullen  
  Javier Fochesatto  
  Sherri Goodman  
  Vernon Morris  
  Yvette Richardson  

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee is responsible for reviewing and recommending, to the Board of Trustees, the personnel policies of the corporation, monitoring the overall workforce management planning and strategy, and annually reviewing the procedures followed during the annual salary review and examining the results of the salary adjustments.

Chair Rana Fine
Members Lourdes Avilés
  Ana Barros
  Javier Fochesatto
  David Randall
  Christine Wiedinmyer

UCAR Budget & Planning Committee

The purpose of the UCAR Budget and Planning Committee is to provide guidance and oversight of the UCAR Operating Budget and Planning Activities to ensure that the budget and planning for UCAR, UCAR Community Programs (UCP), and the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) are in alignment with current strategic priorities.  The Committee's role is to review and make recommendations on drafts and final versions of key documents that describe UCAR operating budgets and income strategy, inclusive of UCP and NCAR budgets and programs, and to approve final versions of the documents.  It is also charged with providing a recommendation concerning endorsement of the plans to the UCAR Board of Trustees.

Chair Ray Ban  
Members Jim Geringer  
  Kathy Jacobs  

Governance Task Group

The Governance Task Group (GTG) is an ad hoc committee of the UCAR Board of Trustees charged with examining UCAR bylaws and governance practices. The GTG makes recommendations to the Board and the UCAR Members about proposed changes to the bylaws and governance procedures that will ultimately enhance UCAR's ability to support the university consortium.  

Co-Chairs Rich Dixon, Texas State University, San Marcos 2024
  Kevin Reed, SUNY Stony Brook 2023
Members Lourdes Avilés (Trustee Liaison)  
  Teresa Bals-Elsholz, Valparaiso University  2025
  Carol Anne Clayson, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute 2025
  Janel Harahan, Northern Vermont University 2025
  Lifeng Luo, Michigan State University 2025
  Anthony Lupo, University of Missouri 2025
  Kirk Maasch, University of Maine 2025
  Walt Robinson, North Carolina State University 2023
  Charlie Zender, University of California, Irvine 2025

Trustee Liaisons

PACUR Yvette Richardson  
Members Nominating Lourdes Avilés  
Governance Task Group (GTG) Lourdes Avilés