The NSF NCAR Mesa Lab and the road to the Mesa Lab are closed until further notice due to a wildfire west of the campus.

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Community Support Resources

Gender Neutral Restrooms

Below is a list of the all-gender/gender-neutral, single-stall restrooms on the Boulder-based UCAR and NCAR campuses:

  • Center Green campus, building 1: Room numbers 2024, 3048, and 3052
  • Foothills Lab campus, Anthes (FLA) building - on the ground floor - room numbers 1016, 1017, 1018, and 1028
  • Mesa Lab building: Second floor of the exhibit area and all restrooms in the towers are single stall. The room numbers are 370, 414, 471, 474, 514, and 572.
  • Research Aviation Facility: First floor, main lobby, across from the elevator (two single-stall restrooms); second floor, main lobby, across from the elevator (two single-stall restrooms)

If you are aware of other single-stall restrooms on any of the UCAR and NCAR campuses, please email ODEI and the information will be updated. 

Breastfeeding and Lactation Support

Employees and visitors may access any of the following rooms for milk expression or breastfeeding needs:

  • Center Green building 1: room 2615
  • Foothills Lab building 1: room 1041
  • Foothills Lab building 2: room 1042
  • Foothills Lab building 3: room 1049
  • Foothills Lab Anthes building: room 3267 (within HR)
  • Mesa Lab: room 250 (second floor across from the Chapman Room) and 35A (level 1B). At Mesa Lab, the rooms are accessed by keycard (visitors: please see the front desk; employees: please contact to have this set up).
  • Research Aviation Facility: room 1118LR

Access is by physical key at locations other than Mesa Lab. Physical keys are available from the campus front desk.

UCAR and NCAR buildings are all breastfeeding friendly. A breastfeeding parent may feed their child anywhere they have the right to be within our buildings, in accordance with Colorado law.

Staff can visit Policy 6-18 Lactation Support for more detailed information.