Allison Miller

Allison Miller holds a bachelor's degree in Marine Science with a minor in Environmental Science from Coastal Carolina University and a master of science degree in Oceanography from Florida State University. miller joined Schmidt Ocean Institute in 2013. Her portfolio includes all research grants, contracts, and agreements undertaken by SOI, the impacts and outcomes of these projects, and international permits for working with R/V Falkor (too) in other countries.

Prior to joining Schmidt Ocean Institute, she managed the National Oceanographic Partnership Program at the Consortium for Ocean Leadership, facilitating partnerships in a variety of ways. At Ocean leadership, she was also involved in other programs, such as the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative, the National Ocean Sciences Bowl, and the Ocean Sciences Educators' Retreat. In 2009, Miller dove in the DSV Alvin off the coast of Costa Rica on a mission to service IODP's CORK observatories. She was also the science editor for the children's book, "Ocean Hide and Seek." She is the Council Secretary for the Oceanography Society.