The difficult questions in Earth system science are global by nature. So are the answers.

By formally establishing partnerships between UCAR and scientific organizations from outside North America, scientists at NCAR, UCAR, and our member institutions can tap into a wider variety of expertise and perspectives to solve the most challenging problems. 

The International Affiliates Program was established to encourage and strengthen international cooperation in atmospheric, oceanic, and related sciences. The program facilitates collaborative research efforts, the exchange of students and visitors, and the sharing of data, community models, educational materials, and more.

Becoming an international affiliate

Because international scientific institutions are often structured differently than those in North America, and because outstanding research is often carried out at institutions that do not grant degrees, the requirements to be an international affiliate are different than those for becoming a UCAR member. 

Participation in the International Affiliates Program is by invitation of the UCAR president and formal acceptance by the appropriate chief executive officer of the affiliate institution. There is no fee for affiliation.