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The interests of both employees and UCAR are best served when problems relating to the workplace are resolved as part of the regular communication between employees and between employees and supervisors. It is expected that employees will approach workplace problem solving with a good faith effort toward resolution.

The process toward problem resolution normally is working within the management chain, attempting to resolve the concern at the most immediate level. This process is described below. Employees need not follow these as sequential steps in cases where the supervisor is not available or is perceived to contribute to the problem.

Refer to UCAR's Ombuds program for an additional informal resource.

Informal discussion

Many problems can be resolved through communicating with the individual(s) with whom the complaint exists, whether it is with a fellow employee, subordinate, or supervisor. Employees are encouraged to discuss concerns at an early stage with intent toward resolution. The employee's supervisor should normally be the first source of assistance.

Discussion with supervisor

An employee who disagrees or is dissatisfied with a supervisor or manager action should, if possible, discuss the concern with that individual. If preferred, or if the employee is unable to resolve the problem with the supervisor or manager, the employee should discuss the matter with the next level supervisor or manager. The majority of misunderstandings can be resolved at this level. This discussion should be held promptly, typically within five days, to allow for a timely resolution. If the problem cannot be resolved in a satisfactory manner, the problem may be discussed with the next level manager, up to and including the division or program director.

President's Council member

If the division or program director is unable to resolve the employee's problem, the employee must submit a written complaint stating the relevant facts and desired remedy to the appropriate President's Council member for review and a decision. The President's Council member will respond in writing to the complaint within 30 days.

President's Council

Finally, if resolution has not been achieved in previous steps, an employee may seek to have the President's Council review the concern. A written complaint stating the relevant facts and desired remedy must be provided to any one member of the President's Council. The President's Council will carefully review the situation by considering the facts presented. At its sole discretion, the President's Council may exercise other options that may include:

  • Additional fact gathering
  • Informal mediation with an internal or external neutral third party to mediate between the concerned parties
  • Forming an ad hoc advisory panel to include peers of the concerned parties

The president will review the President's Council recommendations, and after full consideration, the president will issue a written decision. This decision is final.

Employees and management may consult with the Human Resources department at any time for counsel, coaching, or clarification of this policy and these procedures.