In 1992, UCAR launched an Office of Programs, later to become UCAR Community Programs, and charged it with the mission of providing service in support of science and science-based activities.

The office, led by Bill Bonner (pictured below, center, at the time of its founding), pulled together a number of activities already being undertaken by UCAR aside from the management of NCAR. 

Today, seven UCAR Community Programs successfully partner with the community to achieve specific goals and objectives. UCP programs are more service oriented than research oriented, focusing on education, training, data delivery, scientist services, scientist exchange, and novel observational systems.

A major focus for UCP is ensuring that the science from NCAR and UCAR member institutions is translated in unique ways to a variety of audiences and stakeholders.

Original staff of UCAR Office of Programs
Founding Office of Programs staff in 1992 (left to right): Meg Austin, Barb Appelhans, Bill Bonner, Carol Smith, and Ellen Martinez. (©UCAR.)