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Patent title U.S. patent Issue date NCAR/UCAR inventor Lab/Program
Micropulse Differential Absorption Lidar 10,605,900 2020-03-31 Spuler, Scott EOL
Analog Photon Counting 10,473,521 2019-11-12 Hayman, Matthew; Spuler, Scott EOL
Poisson Ensemble Inversion 10,379,024 2019-08-13 Hayman, Matthew EOL
Calibration of Aircraft Instruments Using a Laser Sensor 10,352,813 2019-07-16 Spuler, Scott; Spowart, Mike; Richter, Dirk; Cooper, W.A. EOL
Method for Lightning Forecasting and Alert System 10,302,816 2019-05-28 Deierling, Wiebke; Ikeda, Kyoko; Steiner, Matthias RAL
System and Method to Measure an Atmospheric Thermodynamic Profile with a Compact, All-Fiber and Eye-Safe Lidar 10,295,672 2019-05-21 Spuler, Scott; Abari, Farzad Cyrus Foroughi EOL
Compact Interferometer for Atmospheric Applications (CIAA) 9,952,031 2018-04-24 Hannigan, James; Mankin, William ACOM
Method and System for Generating a Distance Velocity Azimuth Display (DVAD) 9,851,441 2017-12-26 Lee, Wen-Chau; Jong, Ben EOL
Aircraft Expendable Instrument Launch Detector System  9,753,183 2017-09-05 Hock, Terrence EOL
Dual-Polarized Radiating Patch Antenna 9,520,655 2016-12-13 Cerreno, Jorge Luis Salazar EOL
Road Weather Hazard System 9,401,089 2016-07-26 Drobot, Sheldon RAL
Method and System for High Volume Sample Rate Holographic Particle Measurement 8,634,074 2014-01-21 Fugal, Jacob EOL
Thermal Plate Precipitation Measurement System 8,505,377 2013-08-13 Rasmussen, Roy M. RAL
Optical Multi-Pass Cell 8,508,740 2013-08-13 Richter, Dirk EOL
Radiometer including a cleaning system 8,182,613 2012-05-22 Semmer, Steve R. EOL
Self-orienting embedded in-situ flux system 7,949,481 2011-05-24 Maclean, Gordon; Militzer, John; Semmer, Steven R. EOL
Method and system for demodulation of open-loop GPS radio occultation signals 7,912,422 2011-03-22 Rocken, Christian; Sokolovskiy, Sergey UCP
Precision polarization optimized optical beam processor 7,869,127 2011-01-11 Richter, Dirk EOL
Raman cell for high power applications 7,869,469 2011-01-11 Spuler, Scott EOL
Method and apparatus for clutter filtering staggered pulse repetition time signals 7,728,765 2010-06-01 Hubbert, John; Meymaris, Gregory EOL/RAL
Method for generating a representation of an atmospheric vortex kinematic structure 7,728,760 2010-06-01 Lee, Wen-Chau EOL
Optical device for correcting geostationary satellite imagery for earth curvature effects 7,676,112 2010-03-09 Johnson, David RAL
Lidar system for remote determination of calibrated, absolute aerosol backscatter coefficients 7,656,526 2010-02-02 Mayor, Shane; Spuler, Scott EOL
High pulse-energy, eye-safe lidar system 7,583,364 2009-09-01 Mayor, Shane; Spuler, Scott EOL
Polarization lidar for the remote detection of aerosol particle shape 7,580,127 2009-08-25 Mayor, Shane; Spuler, Scott EOL
De-icing information system 7,369,053 2008-05-06 Hage, Frank W.; Rasmussen, Roy M. RAL
Precipitation measurement device 7,340,949 2008-03-11 Hage, Frank W. RAL
Sensor system to distinguish frozen and non-frozen liquid particulates 7,191,643 2007-03-20 Rasmussen, Roy M.  RAL
Temperature sensor system for mobile platforms 7,156,552 2007-01-02 Fleming, Rex  UCP/JOSS
De-icing information system  7,129,846 2006-10-31 Rasmussen, Roy M.  RAL
Radar system  7,053,813 2006-05-30 Hubbert, John C.  EOL
Aerial sampler system 6,997,050 2006-02-14 Fleming, Rex  UCP/JOSS
Method of compensating for atmospheric effects while using near horizon radar utilizing a Doppler signal 6,853,331 2005-02-08 Rocken, Christian UCP
Method of compensating for atmospheric effects while using near horizon radar 6,833,805 2004-12-21 Rocken, Christian  UCP
Atmospheric Data Measurement System 6,813,563 2004-11-02 Bradley, William E.; Greenburg, Jim; Guenther, Alex; Prevost, Pierre; Schnell, Ryan ACOM
Aerial Sampler System 6,809,648 2004-10-26 Fleming, Rex  UCP/JOSS
Apparatus for Gas Filter Correlation and Methods for 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional Atmospheric Sounding 6,756,592 2004-06-29 Khattatov, Boris; Smith, Mark ACOM
Hotplate Precipitation Measuring System 6,751,571 2004-06-15 Rasmussen, Roy M.  RAL
Feature Classification for Time Series Data 6,735,550 2004-05-11 Cornman, Lawrence B.; Goodrich, Robert Kent; Weekley, Andrew RAL
Method and System for Determining the Phase and Amplitude of a Radio Occultation Signal 6,731,906 2004-05-04 Rocken, Christian; Sokolovskiy, Sergey UCP
Determining 3-Dimensional Velocity of an Object 6,721,678 2004-04-13 Vivekananadan, Jothiram; Zhang, Guifu RAL
Hotplate Measuring System 6,714,869 2004-03-30 Rasmussen, Roy M.  RAL
Hotplate Measuring System 6,711,521 2004-03-23 Rasmussen, Roy M.  RAL
Hotplate Measuring System 6,708,133 2004-03-16 Rasmussen, Roy M.  RAL
Hotplate Measuring System 6,675,100 2004-01-06 Rasmussen, Roy M.  RAL
Frequency Stable Pulsed Laser 6,633,596 2003-10-14 Randall, Mitchell Alfred; Wulfmeyer, Volker G.  EOL
Method and Apparatus for Pivotally Mounting Instrumentation on a Line: 6,581,266 2003-06-24 Bradley, William E. ACOM
Multi-stage processing for efficient and accurate spectral moment estimation 6,577,265 2003-06-10 Beagley, Nathaniel; Cornman, Lawrence B.; Dalton, Shelly D.; Goodrich, Robert K. RAL
Hotplate Precipitation Measuring System 6,546,353 2003-04-08 Rasmussen, Roy M.  RAL
Determining Temperature of a Physical Medium Using Remote Measurement 6,536,948 2003-03-25 Vivekananadan, Jothiram; Zhang, Guifu RAL
System for Measuring Characteristic of Scatterers Using Spaced Receiver Remote Sensors (STARS) 6,512,996 2003-01-28 Praskovskaya, Eleanor A.; Praskovsky, Alexander A RAL
Bistatic Radar System for Centralized, Near-Real-Time Synchronized, Processing of Data to Identify Scatterers 6,462,699 2002-10-08 Burghart, Chris Dale; Randall, Mitchell Alfred; Wurman, Joshua Michael EOL
Bistatic Radar Network Having Incoherent Transmitter Operating in a Scanning Mode to Identify Scatterers 6,456,229 2002-09-24 Burghart, Chris Dale; Randall, Mitchell Alfred; Wurman, Joshua Michael EOL
Radar System Having Multiple Simultaneously Tramsitted Beams Operating in a Scanning Mode to Identify Scatterers 6,377,204 2002-04-23 Randall, Mitchell Alfred; Wurman, Joshua Michael EOL
High Resolution Ionospheric Modeling (HiRIM) Technique for Regional Area High-Accuracy GPS Applications 6,356,232 2002-03-12 Alber, Christoper; Braun, John; Hove, Teresa Van; Johnson, James; Rocken, Christian; Ware, Randolph H. UCP
Method for Determining Storm Predictability 6,340,946 2002-01-22 Wilson, Jim  RAL
Method of Moment Estimation and Feature For Devices Which Measure Spectra As a Function of Range or Time (NIMA) 6,307,500 2001-10-23 Cornman, Lawrence B.; Goodrich, Robert Kent; Morse, Corrine RAL
Recoverable Airborne Instrument Platform 6,144,899 2000-11-07 Lauritsen, Dean K.  EOL