The NSF NCAR Mesa Lab and the road to the Mesa Lab are closed until further notice due to a wildfire west of the campus.

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Increasingly intense weather and climate hazards, including heat waves, droughts, rising seas, and melting Arctic ice, are posing growing threats to our national security.

More than two-thirds of the 79 military installations in the United States are at risk of recurrent flooding. Hurricane Michael's devastating impacts on Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida revealed the potential impacts of severe storms on military bases and operations, both in the United States and abroad. Climate change is intensifying droughts and other natural disasters worldwide, increasing the risk of food and water shortages and potentially destabilizing vulnerable regions. These far-reaching hazards make it clear that our national security requires a comprehensive strategy to build resilience to extreme weather and climate change, relying on the best available science.

— September 2019