UCAR’s Small Business Program aims to maximize opportunities for Small Business Concerns to participate in UCAR's procuring goods and services at all dollar levels regardless of fund source.

Small Business Program Initiatives

  • Educate UCAR's labs/programs/departments about the Small Business Program and train them to identify potential Small Disadvantaged Business suppliers.
  • Attend Small Disadvantaged Business fairs, trade shows, and seminars.
  • Report Small Business Program efforts to various levels of UCAR management.
  • Encourage Small Disadvantaged Businesses to register in UCAR's Supplier Portal.
  • Advise Small Disadvantaged Businesses about UCAR's procurement procedures.
  • Monitor applicable regulations to keep apprised of all relevant developments.

Small Business Commitment

In accordance with UCAR policies and procedures, Contracts supports the Small Business Program mission by doing the following:

  • Appointing a Small Business Liaison Officer (SBLO) to:
    • administer UCAR's Small Business Program;
    • assist in the preparation of subcontracting plans for applicable contracts; and,
    • prepare accurate reports for timely submission to the designated government agencies.
  • Increasing awareness of the program and opportunities for UCAR labs/programs/departments to procure goods and services from Small Business Concerns including:
    • Women-Owned Small Business Concerns;
    • Small Disadvantaged Business Concerns;
    • Historically Black Colleges/Universities and Minority Institutions;
    • HUBZone Small Business Concerns;
    • Veteran-Owned Small Business Concerns; and,
    • Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Concerns.
  • Informing Small Disadvantaged Businesses about how to conduct business with UCAR, as well as procurement opportunities at UCAR.

Roles and Responsibilities

For Labs/Centers/Programs/Offices

  • Notify UCAR Contracts when an RFP is received.
  • Coordinate with UCAR Small Business Liaison Officer (SBLO) and Direct Awards in the development of a subcontracting plan and any modifications.
  • Notify SBLO when a purchase requisition is submitted using funds originating with awards that have a subcontracting plan.
  • Maximize opportunities for small business concerns to participate in purchases within the lab/program/department's delegated authority (using resources such as the SBLO, the SBA Dynamic Small Business Search, etc.).
  • Assist in preparation of reports as necessary.
  • Ensure goals are met under subcontracting plans.
  • Participate in training opportunities coordinated by the SBLO.

For UCAR Contracts

  • Coordinate with labs/centers/programs/offices (e.g., Principal Investigator) in the development of subcontracting plans and any modifications.
  • Participate in training opportunities coordinated by SBLO.
  • Maximize opportunities for small business concerns to compete for UCAR business, regardless of funding source.
  • On applicable solicitations, ensure adequate inclusion of small business concerns in solicitation process, including using SBA Dynamic Small Business Search and other available sources.
  • Participate in supplier outreach (e.g., informational meetings, supplier fairs).
  • Work to identify small businesses.
  • Provide opportunities for suppliers to learn how to do business with UCAR.


How do suppliers register with UCAR?

UCAR has a supplier portal where a supplier can create a login and basic information for UCAR's records.

Is UCAR a government entity?

No, UCAR is a non-profit organization that does, however, receive the majority of its funding from the US Government.

Does UCAR have a preferred supplier list?

No, UCAR does not have a preferred supplier list.  

At what threshold does UCAR compete its requirements/needs?

UCAR competes all purchases/procurements $10,000 or more unless a valid sole source exists.

How do I see what solicitations UCAR has open for suppliers?

UCAR is not required to publish all of its solicitations. Only solicitations over the simplified acquisition threshold (currently $250,000) are published on the UCAR Sourcing Website.


Contact procurement@ucar.edu