All individuals who come onsite to a UCAR-managed facility must comply with applicable federal, state, and local public health requirements. 

Vaccine requirement

All vendors, suppliers, subcontractors, subrecipients, and contingent workers (V2 and V3 visitors; students) must be fully vaccinated prior to commencing work for UCAR on UCAR premises or visiting UCAR-managed facilities, equipment, and field sites for a UCAR-sponsored program

Note: UCAR will follow the current definition of “fully vaccinated” in use by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Currently, boosters are not required to be considered “fully vaccinated,” but we will continue to monitor the CDC’s guidelines to ensure our policies and procedures remain aligned.

Before coming onsite

It is Contractor’s responsibility to do a personal health assessment of every Contractor employee, agent,and subcontractor before coming onsite to a UCAR-managed facility. Failure to recognize and properly acknowledge symptoms of illness could put others at risk of exposure and leave facilities vulnerable to contamination.

At a minimum, Contractor agrees that Contractor will perform, and maintain accurate written records of,the following assessment every day for each Contractor employee, agent, and subcontractor before that individual enters a UCAR facility:

  1. Assess Contractor employee, agent, and subcontractor’s general health. If an individual feels ill or has COVID-19 symptoms, that individual may not enter the facility regardless of vaccination status.
  2. Each day before coming onsite, individuals must complete a Health Accountability Questionnaire for COVID-19 symptoms by answering the following questions regardless of vaccination status:
    • Does any Contractor employee, agent, or subcontractor have any of the following symptoms?
      • Fever of 100.4 ℉ or more
      • Cough
      • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
      • Chills
      • Muscle aches
      • Sore throat
      • New loss of taste or smell
    •  Since the last time Contractor employee, agent, or subcontractor was onsite at a UCAR-managed facility, did that individual participate in any activities that may have increased their exposure to COVID-19, such as:
      • Testing positive for COVID-19
      • Awaiting results for a COVID-19 test
      • Coming into contact with someone who has tested positive for (or getting tested for) COVID-19

Performing work at a UCAR facility

Contractor warrants that all Contractor employees, agents, and subcontractors will perform their work in a safe and hygienic manner, including at a minimum:

  1. Being mindful of others in and around the facility and work area:
    •  Understand each individual’s role in containing the spread of the illness
    • Hold one another accountable:
      • If an individual sees that a colleague is sick, bring it to a supervisor’s attention.
      • If an individual sees that a colleague is violating COVID-19 precautions, bring it to a supervisor’s attention.
  2. Contractor shall follow all applicable governmental safety policies, procedures and guidelines:
    • OSHA safety guidelines still apply:
      • Perform a daily morning check-in (Toolbox Talk, etc.) about work with all personnel onsite.
      • The first time a worker arrives onsite, they shall receive an orientation specific to the site that includes COVID-19 protocols as outlined in this document or Contractor’s own protocol. 
        • Orientation shall be conducted prior to entering the building. 
        • Orientation shall be documented and shared with Project Managers and UCAR Health, Environment and Safety Services (HESS).
    • Report any accidents or injuries to supervisor and UCAR.
    • Ensure that all Contractor employees, agents, and subcontractors are
    • familiar with the facility’s emergency procedures (911, evacuation routes, etc.)
  3.  Contractor agrees that if any Contractor employee, agent, or subcontractor   develops symptoms while onsite, or between shifts onsite, Contractor will:
    • Inform UCAR of the individual’s symptoms
    • Inform UCAR of where the individual was working
    • Inform UCAR of who the individual may have come into contact with that day
    • Require the individual to immediately leave the UCAR facility

Please contact your host or contract administrator if you have questions, comments or concerns.