Colorado facilities are closed until further notice. Employees are mandated to telework.

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During the COVID-19 crisis we are highlighting a few resources from UCAR that are available to help support the transition to online research and teaching. There is no cost to access these resources unless otherwise indicated. Scroll down for a preview of additional resources from NCAR.

University & professional level

UCAR Unidata's Science Gateway: JupyterHub

Cloud-based resources available for remote learning situations. Unidata is actively extending its offer of JupyterHub resources to universities (or individual instructors) who could benefit from these cloud-based resources, such as configurable software environments and access to data archives.

MetEd geoscience - individually paced online learning

Online geoscience lessons from UCAR COMET's MetEd website in English and other languages
COMET’s online training portal, MetEd, hosts more than 450 geoscience lessons, including over 200 that have been translated into other languages.

K-12 STEM education

Exploring Earth from home

Resources include educational games and simulations, videos, short articles, and online books about Earth and atmospheric science. There are also links to citizen science projects and classroom activities that will also work well for K-12 students learning from home.