Use of images appearing within the NCAR & UCAR News website or YouTube channel

For images, including video, appearing within the NCAR & UCAR News website at news.ucar.edu, including news releases and feature stories, as well as video published to the NCAR & UCAR Science YouTube channel, ownership and use terms are listed in the caption or credits for each image. When UCAR is listed as the copyright owner and/or the words "This image is freely available for media & nonprofit use" are included in that specific image's caption, such use by news media and for nonprofit activities including education, research, and related personal activities is permitted with proper attribution and compliance with UCAR's Terms of Use. Please contact us via copyright@ucar.edu if you have questions.

Commercial use

To obtain copyright permission for commercial use, please contact us via copyright@ucar.edu.

Additional sources

We have thousands of images across hundreds of NCAR and UCAR websites, so permission will depend on the source of the image you are interested in. Here are some of our primary sources for images that are available for media and nonprofit use:

For all other NCAR or UCAR websites

For all materials found on NCAR laboratory or UCAR program websites, please use the contact information provided on that lab or program site (typically the Webmaster/Feedback or Contact Us link).