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Grant GonzalezGrant Gonzalez is a student assistant for the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. He graduated from Lakewood High School one year early as an Advanced Placement Scholar. Grant is currently pursuing an Associate's of Biology and an Associate's of Psychology from Red Rocks community College. He hopes to one day get a Doctor's of Biology with an emphasis in performance ecology and arts integration into STEM fields.

Outside of school, Grant is a pre-professional ballet dancer that currently trains with the Colorado Ballet Academy. He wants to pursue a career in classical concert dance while working towards his various academic goals. He uses his expertise in both the world of performance art and the world of academia to foster a holistic understanding of science and the natural world. Additionally, Grant is very passionate about working towards making the STEM space more inclusive towards individuals that identify with minority groups. He believes that all people should see themselves as scientists and hopes to continue his efforts in advancing this mission statement while working for NCAR/UCAR.

Grant has had previous experience with working on diversity, equity, and inclusion within the STEM space while working as a summer intern for CIRES (the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences) in the RECCS (the Research Experience for Community College Students) program. During his time in this program, he worked under Rebecca J. Safran at the Safran Lab on the CU Boulder campus. This lab partners with Beth Osnes, one of the theater directors at CU Boulder, through an arts integration program called "Side-by-side". The Side-by-side program helps encourage young women and gender nonconforming individuals into the STEM space by helping them feel empowered to conduct their own research and develop a voice on the natural world. Grant's continued efforts with this program have ignited his passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion as well as given him valuable experience regarding how to help minority groups find their foundation in STEM careers.    

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