Colorado facilities remain closed until further notice.

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Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we have made changes to the many programs we offer that bring students, colleagues, and other visitors to our campuses to learn and collaborate. These changes may include postponement, a switch to online, or cancelation, depending on the program's unique requirements. Please see the information below and also be sure to check each program's main website, which may contain more details.

Collaborating with visitors from the community and training the next-generation of scientists is core to what we do and could not be more important activities. We look forward to a time when we can continue hosting our community on our campuses. In the meantime, we hope to stay in touch with you all virtually.

Program Original dates Status Contact
Atmospheric Chemistry Observations & Modeling (ACOM) Summer Workshop Aug. 10 - 14 Postponed to 2021  
ACOM Visitor/Affiliate Scientist Program Year-round Visits on hold
Artificial Intelligence for Earth System Science (AI4ESS) Summer School June 22 - 26 Moved online
Advancing Air Quality Science in Africa 2020 May 12-15 Postponed to 2021
ASP Graduate Fellowships Year-round  Participants can postpone their visits. Fellowship dates are flexible until July 2021.  
ASP Summer Colloquium July 6 - 24 Postponed until 2021  
Climate & Global Dyamics (CGD) Affiliate Scientists Year-round Visits on hold
Colorado Front Range Atmospheric Chemistry Dialogue March 13  Postponed to 2021
Community Earth System Model (CESM) Tutorial Aug 3 - 7 Moved online
CESM Workshop June 15 - 17 Moved online
Computational & Information Systems Lab (CISL) Visitor Program Year-round Visits on hold
Early Career Faculty Innovator Program June 1 - Aug 30 Moved online with on-campus activities postponed to 2021
Early Career Faculty Innovator Program PI Workshop on Convergence July 17-19 Postponed to 2021
Earth Observing Laboratory (EOL) Visitor Program June 1 - Sept 30 Moved online
High Altitude Observatory (HAO) Broadening Opportunity through Leadership and Diversity (BOLD) May 16 - Aug 1 Moved online
HAO 2020 Boulder Space Weather Summer School June 29 - July 10 To be determined
HAO/National Solar Observatory Solar Spectropolarimetry and Diagnostic Techniques Oct 19 - 30 No changes at this time
HAO Visitor/Affiliate Scientist Program Year-round Visits on hold
Linux Clusters Institute Intermediate Workshop March 23-27, then Aug 24-28 Canceled until further notice
Multiscale Infrastructure for Chemistry and Aerosols (MUSICA) Tutorial June 17-19 Postponed to 2021
NCAR-Haskell Environmental Assessment Training June 3 - 7; July 11 - 18 Postponed to 2021
NCAR-Wyoming University Internship May 16 - Aug 1 Moved online
Next Generation Fellowships May 26 - July 31 Moved online
Ralph Cicerone Fellowship in Earth System Science Summer 2020 Visit will be moved later in the year if possible
SOARS May 26 - July 31 Program moved online for returning protégés; program deferred to 2021 for incoming students
Software Engineering Assembly (SEA)'s Improving Scientific Software Conference April 27 - May 1 Canceled
Summer Internships in Parallel Computational Science (SIParCS) May 16 - Aug 1 Moved online
Summer Undergraduate Program for Engineering Research (SUPER) May 16 -Aug 1 Moved online
System for Integrated Modeling of the Atmosphere (SIMA) Workshop June 29 - July 1
Technical Internship program (TIP) Fall/winter No changes as of this time
Undergraduate Leadership Workshop June 1-5 Moved online
Unidata Summer Internships May 16 - Aug 1 To be determined
Unified Forecast System (UFS) Users' Workshop July 27 - 29 To be determined  
Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model Tutorial  Summer 2020 Canceled  
WRF-Hydro Training Workshop June 2 - 5 Canceled; training materials can be accessed online
Whole Heliosphere and Planetary Interactions First Workshop Sept 15 - 18 Postponed indefinitely