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September 2005

Construction begins on CG-FL bike path

Construction of a long-awaited bike and pedestrian path between the Foothills and Center Green campuses won final approval in August and is expected to begin this month. The path (see green line on map below) will start behind Center Green, briefly parallel the railroad tracks in the underpass beneath Foothills Parkway, and connect with Mitchell Lane.

To build the path, UCAR needed approval from Burlington Northern Railroad, the Colorado Department of Transportation, the city of Boulder, and two companies that own irrigation ditches that line the tracks. This required making individual agreements with separate entities, which turned out to be a lengthy process. "We've been working on the path for nearly three years," says Marion Hammond, UCAR's facility project manager. "I expect it to be complete by the end of the year."

The construction comes with a bonus for the organization: the opportunity to install fiber optic cable between CG and FL, thereby linking the CG campus to the rest of the UCAR fiber Metropolitan Area Network. This fiber path supplements Boulder Research and Administration Network fiber, UCAR campus fiber, and other leased fiber to provide redundancy and resiliency for the CG campus.

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