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Climate Future: Voices of Science

NCAR Scientists Discuss Global Warming and its Impacts


What is causing climate change? (running time: 3 minutes 22 seconds)
Warren Washington, Joanie Kleypas, Caspar Ammann, Tom Wigley, Mickey Glantz
Atmospheric, environmental, and social scientists explain the human role in global warming, which is changing the climate in disturbing ways.


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Stored ice cores   What tools are used to study climate? (running time: 3 minutes 44 seconds)
Caspar Ammann, Jerry Meehl, Kevin Trenberth
Climate modelers and analysts explain the complexity and reliability of the observations, prehistoric records, and climate models used to study past, present, and future climate. 
Smokestack   What is meant by "climate uncertainty?" (running time: 2 minutes 58 seconds)
Jerry Meehl, Bill Collins, Caspar Ammann, Linda Mearns
The more we understand the sources of uncertainty, the better the science. Sources in climate science include differences in the behavior of computer models and the lack of a crystal ball to tell us how human beings will behave in the future (in terms of population growth, industrial activities, transportation, and so on). Even so, the scientists note, it's possible to act based on what we already know with considerable confidence about global warming and climate change

Sea mammal on ice   What are the likely impacts of climate change? (running time: 8 minutes 5 seconds)
Warren Washington, Kevin Trenberth, Mickey Glantz, Joanie Kleypas, Bill Collins, Linda Mearns
These scientists describe some of the major environmental impacts of global warming already being seen and expected in the future.

Ski runs   What is meant by "climate commitment?" (running time: 3 minutes 42 seconds)
Tom Wigley, Bill Collins
We know that carbon dioxide stays in the atmosphere for about 100 years. By adding extra greenhouse gases to the atmosphere over the last century, humanity has already committed the planet to warmer temperatures and climate change.

Recycling bin   How can we respond to the problem? (running time: 5 minutes 18 seconds)
Kevin Trenberth, Jerry Meehl, Tom Wigley, Joanie Kleypas, Mickey Glantz, Warren Washington
The scientists outline what it will take to face the realities of global warming and climate change head on.




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