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Professional Development Committee

    The purpose of the SEA Professional Development Committee is to monitor and promote the professional development of software engineers at UCAR. Committee objectives include:

    • To provide a list of educational opportunities.
    • To update UCAR educational policies to allow for conference tutorials.

    The committee is comprised of Juli Rew (chair), Cheryl Cristanelli, and the SEA Executive Committee.

    Current areas for action

    We have recently begin to develop a series of intermediate-advanced courses for software engineers at NCAR. The first in the series was a Java class in April 2009. An Intermediate/Advanced Perl class was held in August 2009, and an intermediate/advanced Python class is scheduled for December 2009. Another goal is to provide a broad list of professional development resources including online training courses, local classes facilitated using freely available courseware, and seminars, in addition to more formal education. Our objectives for accomplishing this include:

    • Organizing a series of focus group sessions inviting all software engineers to give input on needed professional development activities
    • Compiling a comprehensive list of online courses.
    • Generating interest in self-run courses by:
      • Placing announcements in "This Week at UCAR."
      • Defining the service that SEA will provide.
      • Determining if SEA members or someone else will be facilitators.
    • Modifying the current HR EAP policy to be more flexible, allowing both time and money to be spent on less traditional educational opportunities, which is more realistic for many software engineers.

    In the longer term, we are working to propose an "Advanced Software Engineering Training" program. A list of proposed courses aimed at enhancing the NCAR/UCAR SE workforce would be identified. Where training could not be given in-house, NCAR would subsidize needed training.

    Please visit the sea-prof-dev wiki to comment on the curriculum topics or to add comments to those gathered during the focus group sessions conducted in May 2008. Note: You must log in to the UCAR wiki site before you can see the sea-prof-dev listing.

    Meeting schedule

      No meetings are currently scheduled.

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