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Fundamental Research: The foundation of NCAR's program remains fundamental research. New insights and understanding are fostered by a broad program that allows scientists to pursue the most fruitful lines of study and is sufficiently flexible to enable unpredictable discoveries. Knowledge gained in fundamental studies, such as cloud physics and precipitation formation, become the basis for future improvements in forecasts of weather and climate. Climate predictions will become more reliable and useful with a clear understanding of natural variability. Improvements in air quality will depend on better understanding of the formation of urban ozone, while understanding the role of solar variability in climate change will be possible only through studies of solar magnetism.

A number of divisions and programs conduct fundamental research. The following links take you to their websites:

Atmospheric Chemistry

Climate and Global Dynamics

Environmental and Societal Impacts Group

High Altitude Observatory

Mesoscale and Microscale Meteorology

GPS Science and Technology

Geophysical Turbulence

Geophysical Statistics Program