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Richard Anthes



Moving on
Richard Anthes, UCAR president
Satellite observations of Earth: A national priority still at risk
Turning the tables on chaos: Is the atmosphere more predictable than we assume?
China: An emerging scientific giant?


Never in doubt
Postwar pioneers: Reflections on the roots of modern atmospheric science


The "vast wasteland" expands
Hats off to program managers: Three giants from NSF
The Obama administration and science: Renewal, potential, and the need for community action (Winter 2008-09)


The next five years: UCAR’s new cooperative agreement with NSF to manage NCAR (Fall 2008)
The 2008 transition document: Advice to the new administration and Congress (Summer 2008)
Mitigate and adapt—but don’t forget the science! (Spring 2008)
Reflections on a year as AMS president (Winter 2007-08)


After the Nobel Prize, what to do—and not do? (Fall 2007)
The global trajectory, take two: What’s changed since 1993? (Summer 2007)
A first-hand look at Cuban meteorology (Spring 2007)
Connecting the dots: Earth science ­partnerships between South and North America (Winter 2006-07)


Strange bedfellows and holy alliances (Fall 2006)
Strategic planning at UCAR: What’s in it for universities? (Summer 2006)
COSMIC away! (Spring 2006)
Conservation as a global and local imperative (Winter 2005-06)


Hurricane Katrina: An act of God? (Fall 2005)
Field project support at UCAR (Summer 2005)
Earth exploration for science and society (Spring 2005)


India in 2005 and the legacy of MONEX (Winter 2004-05)
UCAR Office of programs: How can we help you? (Fall 2004)
The allocation analysis:   A "roughly right" look at UCAR's level of effort for science and the community (Summer 2004)
Pathways to careers in the geosciences: GEO Forum 2004 (Spring 2004)


China: Reflections on meteorology and society after 20 years (Winter 2003)
Leaders: Born or Made? (Fall 2003)
Crossing the valleys of death and lost opportunities: Toward an Earth Information System (Summer 2003)
University roles in the weather and climate services partnership (Spring 2003)


Weather, Climate, and the Evolving U.S. Climate Change Science Program (Winter 2002)
The rescue of an ice-bound ship in Antarctica and the blurring of research and operations ( Fall 2002)
New directions for NCAR: An update on our strategic plan (Summer 2002)
How far should the atmospheric sciences community go in addressing issues of critical global importance? (Spring 2002)


How can the science community respond to 11 September? (Winter 2001)
The globalization of air pollution (Fall 2001)
UCAR's revitalized education program: Reflections on a year of learning, planning, and building ~ by Roberta Johnson (Summer 2001)
Guest editorial ~ by Tim Killeen (Spring 2001)


AMS-UCAR input into the new administration and Congress (Winter 2000)
Results from the UCAR survey of the community (Fall 2000)
Community models and collaboration (Summer 2000)
Crisis in Graduate Enrollments? (Spring 2000)


Common concerns: Messages from the UCAR Forum (Winter 1999)
NCAR at 40 and the New Millennium (Fall 1999)
Climate affairs program -- A notion whose time has come? (Summer 1999)
UCAR vice-president for Finance and Administration ~ by Katy Schmoll (Spring 1999)


Ten Years of Change (Winter 1998)
UCAR Vice President for Corporate Affairs ~ by Jack Fellows (Fall 1998)
A new model for national science policy (Summer 1998)
NSF review of UCAR proposal to continue the management and operation of NCAR (Spring 1998)


Science, Politics, and Development of a New Vision (Winter 1997)
Alliance for Capacity Transfer (Fall 1997)
NSF reviews and new UCAR vice presidents (Summer 1997)
Threats to free and open exchange of scientific data continue (Spring 1997)


Highlight of the annual Members' Representatives meeting: Governance of UCAR (Fall 1996)
UCAR 2001-- A Mid-Course Assessment (Summer 1996)
Winter/Spring 1996


Fall 1995
The customers of science (Summer 1995)
The challenges and stresses of change (Spring 1995)
The International Exchange of Data (Winter 1994/1995) Quarterly debut issue

1994 (Note: the links below are PDF files.)

Summer 1994
Industry, weather, and climate (March/April 1994)
Science, ethics, and the media (January/February 1994)

1993 (Note: the links below are PDF files.)

NSF-UCAR integrated planning process (November/December 1993)
Fall 1993
Summer 1993
March/April 1993
The global trajectory (January/February 1993)

1992 (Note: the links below are PDF files.)

Global and lnstitutional equity (November/December 1992)
September/October 1992
July/August 1992
May/June 1992

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