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UCAR Update

May 2008


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In brief
Your nominations needed for UCAR trustees and committees
Facilities database taking shape
COSMIC student trip to Taiwan
VSP postdoc opportunities at NOAA
Multimedia resources from NSDL available at iTunes
New from COMET: Fire weather climatology, mesoscale effects on fire weather
Reminders from previous issues


Your nominations needed for UCAR trustees and committees
The UCAR Members' Nominating Committee is asking for nominations for the Board of Trustees, the UCAR President's Advisory Committee on University Relations (formerly the University Relations Committee), the Membership Committee, and the Nominating Committee. Nominations will be considered by the Members' Nominating Committee at its meeting in Boulder in June and presented to the member representatives at the Annual Members Meeting, which will take place this year on 14-15 October.

The submission form, which has more detailed information on board vacancies, requirements, and current board and committee memberships, can be found below.

Deadline: 2 June
Contact: Aneka Finley, UCAR Governance, 303-497-1655
Nomination form


Facilities database taking shape
Community members in the atmospheric and related sciences are invited to help populate a comprehensive database of observing facilities and instrumentation.   The site, located at the URL below, was built through a two-year facilities assessment led by NCAR's Earth Observing Laboratory and sponsored by NSF's Lower Atmospheric Observing Facilities Program Office.   The assessment considered facilities that are in place or under development at government agencies, universities, national laboratories, international organizations, and private companies.

Access to the database is fully open.   Please create an account or log in to browse the existing information or submit new or corrected information. EOL has appointed an editorial board to review the database each year and update the assessment report as needed.

Contact: Sara Metz, NCAR/EOL, 303-497-8166
NSF Facilities Assessment Database


COSMIC student trip to Taiwan
UOP's COSMIC program is providing an opportunity for students who are U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents to attend and participate in the FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC annual science meeting in Taipei, Taiwan, from 27 September to 5 October. This meeting will be in conjunction with the 4th Asian Space Conference. The meeting will include a special student session, site visits to Taiwan's National Space Organization and Taiwanese universities, and tours of Taipei.

FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC is a joint Taiwan/U.S. satellite mission launched in 2006 that provides global observations related to weather, climate, ionosphere/space weather, and geodesy. Each day the system provides up to 2,500 vertical profiles of air density, temperature, and water vapor, as well as ionospheric electron density.

Application materials and more details can be found below.

Deadline: 1 June
Contact: Kim Prinzi Kimbro, UOP/COSMIC, 303-497-2600
FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC Workshop 2008


VSP postdoc opportunities at NOAA
UOP's Visiting Scientist Programs is now recruiting for two postdoctoral openings at NOAA. See the VSP website for more details beyond the summaries below, including application procedures.

Postdoctoral researcher, Hydrometeorological Design Studies Center, National Weather Service (NWS), Silver Spring, Maryland. The successful scientist will perform research in several areas relevant to precipitation frequency analysis. The applicant should have a Ph.D. in engineering with specialization in hydrology or hydrometeorology or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
Application deadline: 6 June

Postdoctoral researcher, NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (GFDL), Princeton, New Jersey, through a partnership between GFDL and the Northwest and Southwest Fisheries Science Centers in Newport, Oregon, and La Jolla, California. The successful scientist will play a leading role in analyzing output from GFDL's seasonal to interannual climate prediction system to develop ecological forecasts in the California Current Large Marine Ecosystem. The scientist will frequently travel to the west coast to collaborate with ecosystem scientists. The applicant should have a Ph.D. in biological or physical oceanography, applied ocean sciences, or an equivalent degree, with demonstrated experience in climate dynamics and/or fisheries and integrative research.
Application deadline: 1 August

Contact: Julie Cross, UOP/VSP, 303-497-8364
UCAR Visiting Scientist Programs


Multimedia resources from NSDL available at iTunes
The National Science Digital Library (NSDL), whose core integration office is based in UOP, now offers a variety of material on iTunes U drawn from UCAR, NCAR, and UCAR members. For example, users can download a teacher's guide on the Sun-Earth connection, listen to a podcast about a UCAR-sponsored citizen-science campaign called Project BudBurst, or watch NCAR scientist Kevin Trenberth explain the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change process.

University partners who have multimedia material that may be appropriate for inclusion on the site are encouraged to contact NSDL (see details below).

To access NSDL's content on iTunes, follow the link below, or launch iTunes software (for PC or Mac), enter the iTunes Store, and look for iTunes U. The heading "National Science Digital Library" is listed under "Beyond Campus." Alternatively, enter "NSDL" or "NCAR" in the search box to go directly to those content areas.

Contact: Susan Van Gundy, UOP/NSDL, 303-497-2946
NSDL on iTunesU


New from COMET: Fire weather climatology, mesoscale effects on fire weather
Below are details of two new online publications available from UOP/COMET, both part of the Advanced Fire Weather Forecasters Course. Please see the accompanying Web links for more details.

Fire Weather Climatology
This module provides a comprehensive look at fire regions across the United States and characteristics of typical fire seasons in each region. Numerous case studies provide examples and opportunities to practice recognizing these critical patterns and how they can affect fire ignition and spread.

Mesoscale Meteorology Effects on Fire Behavior
This module reviews the development of thermally forced winds in complex terrain and explores how these winds combine with the effects of terrain to influence fire spread. Three-dimensional animations illustrate these effects, as members of the team working a theoretical fire describe different aspects of weather, fire behavior, and operational fire fighting decisions at specific times over a 24-hour period.

Contact: Hildy Kane, UOP/COMET, 303-497-8470
COMET MetEd site


Reminders from previous issues

GLOBE research symposium in South Africa
Registration deadline: 2 June

WRF workshop coming in June
Deadline for early registration: 11 June

CLIVAR launches new postdoc program
Application deadline: 1 July

VSP opportunities at NOAA:   Postdoctoral fellow at GFDL
Application deadline: 15 July


UCAR Update is e-mailed monthly to all UCAR member and affiliate representatives. Please forward to colleagues and students in your department or at other institutions.

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Questions or news tips: Bob Henson, 303-497-8605
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