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UCAR Update

March 2006


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In brief
Two ASP colloquia in 2006
GLOBE at Night: Join the stargazing
Colloquium on climate and health this summer
Two events from Young Scientist Network now open
VSP seeks postdocs, senior scientists for NOAA/GFDL
Registration now open for 2006 Unidata Users Workshop
Geophysical turbulence workshop set for June
Coming in May: IMAGe workshop on multiscale processes
University Relations Committee to meet on 18-19 April
Reminders from last issue


Two ASP colloquia in 2006
The NCAR Advanced Study Program is pleased to announce that it will host two summer colloquia this year. Both will take place in Boulder. More details on each can be found at the URL below.

  • The Art of Climate Modeling: 4-16 June
    The program aims to foster the next generation of climate modelers (as distinct from climate model users) by engaging students at an early stage in their graduate careers through lectures, laboratory classes in modeling, and project work involving coupled climate models.
  • The Challenge of Convective Forecasting: 10-21 July
    The goal of the colloquium will be to summarize recent advances in understanding and prediction of convective weather with numerical weather prediction models and to describe the scientific and technological challenges and opportunities available to future researchers.
Application deadline for both colloquia: 3 April
Contact: Paula Fisher, NCAR/ASP, 303-497-1328
Apply online

GLOBE at Night: Join the stargazing
Thousands of K-12 students, families, and educators will participate in GLOBE at Night during the week of 22-29 March. This international event is designed to observe and record the visible stars as a means of measuring light pollution in a given location. GLOBE at Night is open to anyone, anywhere in the world, who can get outside after dark and look skyward during the week. Activity packets can be downloaded from the Web site below.

By locating specific constellations in the sky, students from around the world will learn how the lights in their community contribute to light pollution. Students will explore the different light sources in their community, learning the relationship between science, technology, and society; they will report their observations online through a central database allowing for authentic worldwide research and analysis. The observations made during GLOBE at Night will help students and scientists together assess how the quality of the night sky varies around the world.

Contact: Sandra Henderson, UCAR/GLOBE, 303-497-8108
GLOBE at Night


Colloquium on climate and health this summer
NCAR's Institute for the Study of Society & Environment is pleased to announce its Summer 2006 Climate & Health Colloquium, scheduled for 16-22 July. This colloquium exposes graduate and postgraduate students to methods for integrating climate change, climate variability, and public health research. It will include presentations as well as opportunities for students to discuss integrated work with leaders in their respective fields and gain hands-on experience with analytic tools.

Application deadline: Extended to 7 April
Contact: Veronica Wynne, NCAR/ISSE, 303-497-8117
Apply online


Two events from Young Scientist Network now open
The Young Scientist Network associated with the AIMES project (Analysis, Integration and Modeling of the Earth System) is sponsoring two upcoming events with funding from NCAR, NSF, and AIMES. The network fosters collaboration among young scientists on integrative earth system research to better understand the role of humans in perturbing biogeochemistry and climate. Details on applying for either event can be found below.

  • A workshop on Urbanization Interactions with Biogeochemistry and Climate will take place 9-10 September in Mexico City. Up to 25 young scientists (those within six years of their doctorates) will be supported to attend the workshop as well as an associated meeting on carbon management at urban and regional level. The application deadline is 15 April.
  • The START program (SysTem for Analysis, Research, and Training) will hold a young scientists meeting in conjunction with the Open Science Conference of the Earth System Science Partnership, scheduled for 9-12 November in Beijing. The Young Scientist Network will support three participants for this meeting. The application deadline is 31 March.
Contact: Natalie Mahowald, NCAR/ESSL, 303-497-1719
Young Scientist Network

  VSP seeks postdocs, senior scientists for NOAA/GFDL
UOP's Visiting Scientist Programs is now seeking postdoctoral scientists and short-term senior visitors to work in Princeton, New Jersey, at NOAA's Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory. This UCAR-managed visitor program is part of the Climate Change Research Initiative. GFDL expects some of the postdoctoral positions to evolve into permanent civil service appointments. The full announcement and application requirements can be found at the URL below.

Application deadline: 15 April
Contact: Meg Austin, UOP/VSP, 303-497-8649
VSP opportunities


Registration now open for 2006 Unidata Users Workshop
The Unidata Users Committee is pleased to announce its 2006 workshop, sponsored by NSF and scheduled for 10-14 July in Boulder. This year's theme is Expanding the Use of Models as Educational Tools in the Atmospheric and Related Sciences. The workshop is designed to help faculty expand the use of computational models in undergraduate and graduate courses, promote the sharing of faculty-generated resources, and stimulate discussion on which aspects of modeling should be emphasized in curricula.

Registration deadline: 28 April
Contact: Sandra Petrie, UOP/Unidata, 303-497-8643
Register online


Geophysical turbulence workshop set for June
NCAR's Geophysical Turbulence Program, part of the Institute for Mathematics Applied to Geosciences, will host a workshop in Boulder on 27-30 June. The topic is Modeling Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Turbulence: Application to Planetary and Stellar Dynamos. The workshop will bring together researchers using different approaches to the understanding of MHD turbulence in general and to the generation of magnetic fields (the dynamo process), with particular emphasis on the geo-dynamo and other flows at low magnetic Prandtl number. The approaches considered are modeling, experiments, theory, and direct numerical simulations.

Registration deadline: 1 June
Contact: Liz Rothney, NCAR/IMAGe, 303-497-1351
Register online


Coming in May: IMAGe workshop on multiscale processes
NCAR's Institute for Mathematics Applied to Geosciences is holding a final workshop on 15-19 May as part of its 2006 Theme of the Year, Emerging Mathematical Strategies for Multi-Scale and Stochastic Modeling of the Atmosphere and Climate. The theme of Workshop IV is Multi-Scale Processes for Low-Frequency Variability, Climate, and Climate Change Response.

The workshop includes a tutorial research/expository component for the first two days and a contemporary research component for the last three days. Funding is available to support attendance, with priority given to graduate students and other young researchers. Those who are not working directly on the workshop topics but have an interest in the program are also encouraged to apply, as are members of underrepresented groups.

Workshop registration deadline: 12 May
Financial support application deadline: 7 April
Contact: Liz Rothney, NCAR/IMAGe, 303-497-1351
IMAGe TOY2006 Workshop IV


University Relations Committee to meet on 18-19 April
The spring meeting of UCAR's University Relations Committee will be hosted by URC member Lisa White at San Francisco State University on 18-19 April. The meeting agenda will be posted by 20 March. Jim Hansen (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is the current chair of the committee.

Contact: Susan Friberg, UCAR Governance, 303-497-1658
University Relations Committee


Reminders from last issue

CCSM working groups to meet in March

Workshop to plan field project on convective influence on chemistry
Workshop dates: 10-12 April

COMET to hold summer faculty workshop on multimedia tools
Application deadline: 15 April


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