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UCAR Update

February 2005


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In brief
COSMIC Science Camp in Taiwan
NCAR/SCD invites large requests for computational resources
Postdoc and senior visitor openings at NOAA/GFDL through UOP/VSP
2005 Junior Faculty Forum
Visitor appointments at WRF DTC
ASP Summer Colloquium on Space Weather
SPD Summer School on Helioseismology
IMAGe/SAMSI Summer School: Fusing Geophysical Models with Data
Board of Trustees meeting
On the Record: a primary source for NCAR/UCAR quotes
Reminders from last issue


COSMIC Science Camp in Taiwan
From 30 May to 3 June, UOP's COSMIC program is hosting a science camp at Taiwan's Central Weather Bureau.   The camp is designed for graduate and senior-level undergraduate students interested in working with GPS radio occultation data from the FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC mission.   These data are expected to have a significant impact on operational weather prediction, climate analysis, ionospheric research, and space weather forecasting.  Leading experts will be invited to give lectures on the various scientific aspects of the mission.

The NSF American Workforce and Research and Education program will provide travel support for selected U.S. students. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents to qualify for support.

Application deadline: 15 March
Kim Kimbro , UOP/COSMIC, 303-497-2610
More details


NCAR/SCD invites large requests for computational resources
NCAR's Scientific Computing Division invites university researchers with NSF awards to submit requests for projects needing more than 900 general accounting units (GAUs). Allocations may be used on bluesky (an IBM Power 4 cluster) or lightning (a 256-processor Linux cluster). Allocations may be given for the life of the NSF project. The deadline is 28 February. Requests for 900 GAUs or less can be submitted at any time.

Ginger Caldwell, NCAR/SCD, 303-497-1229
Submission form for large requests
Overview (including submission form for small requests)


Postdoc and senior visitor openings at NOAA/GFDL through UOP/VSP
Through its Visiting Scientist Programs, the UCAR Office of Programs is recruiting postdoctoral scientists and short-term senior visitors to work in Princeton, New Jersey, at NOAA's Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (GFDL) as part of the Climate Change Research Initiative (CCRI).

GFDL expects some of these new postdoctoral positions to evolve into permanent civil service hires (possibly requiring additional competition) as it expands its staff in the next several years. In addition to junior postdoctoral applicants, GFDL is looking for senior visitors interested in the research areas listed on the Web site below, with a particular emphasis on visitors from other climate change modeling centers interested in model intercomparisons.

Deadlines: 15 May and 1 November
Contact: Meg Austin, UOP/VSP, 303-497-8649
More details


2005 Junior Faculty Forum
The NCAR Early Career Scientists Assembly (ECSA) announces this year's Junior Faculty Forum, sponsored by the NCAR Advanced Study Program (ASP). This year's topics are

  • Downscaling climate change: extreme events, regional impacts, and ecosystems
  • Evaluating coupled climate models: roles of global observational networks and local high-density experiments
The Junior Faculty Forum will take place 27–29 July at NCAR. The objective is to bring together junior faculty and ECSA members to discuss selected topics in the geosciences. This forum is open to nontenured faculty at U.S. universities, with preference given to those within five years of their first professorial academic appointment. In addition to promoting scientific discussion, an intended goal of the forum is to encourage development of professional relationships between members of the ECSA and UCAR institutions.

Nomination deadline: 15 April
Scientific program contact:
Gokhan Danabasoglu, NCAR/CGD, 303-497-1604
Logistics contact: Paula Fisher , NCAR/ASP, 303-497-1328
2005 Junior Faculty Forum


Visitor appointments at WRF DTC
The WRF Developmental Testbed Center (DTC) is offering up to five visitor appointments for the year beginning June 1. Visitors will test new techniques, models, and model components. The goal is to provide the National Centers for Environmental Prediction, the Air Force Weather Agency, and the U.S. Navy's Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center with options for near-term advances in operational weather forecasting.

Successful applicants will be offered up to one month of salary compensation, plus travel and per diem reimbursement. The visitors are expected to visit with the DTC in Boulder, Colorado, or Monterey, California, for at least one month. Access to DTC computational resources will enable significant portions of the visitor's project to be conducted from their home institution.

Initial proposal deadline: 1 April
Pamela Johnson, DTC, 303-497-8197
Announcement of Opportunity (PDF, 97 KB)

  ASP Summer Colloquium on Space Weather
NCAR/ASP is pleased to announce a Summer Colloquium on Space Weather, to be held at NCAR from 31 May to 10 June. Designed for upper-level graduate students, the program will include expert lecturers, a student poster session, a tour of the NOAA Space Environment Center, and interactive sessions designed for student teams to gain hands-on experience with space measurements.

Lectures will include two sets of tutorials and a series of topical presentations that detail specific space weather events and their effects. One tutorial series will provide quantitative perspectives on select physical processes that govern the Sun-Earth system, while the second will characterize the system domains.

Support will be provided for selected graduate students in any field related to space weather.

Deadline for initial consideration: 31 March
Contact: Paula Fisher , NCAR/ASP, 303-497-1328
ASP Summer Colloquium on Space Weather


SPD Summer School on Helioseismology
The Solar Physics Division of the American Astronomical Society is organizing a series of summer schools to cover various aspects of solar physics. The first in this series, focusing on helioseismology, will take place at NCAR on 24–29 July, sponsored by NCAR/ASP and the NCAR High Altitude Observatory. SPD Summer School aims to provide physics graduate students and postgraduate, early-career scientists with an in-depth introduction to the theory, methods, and modern observations of helioseismology.

Application deadline: 25 April
Contact: Louise Beierle, NCAR/HAO, 303-497-1599
SPD Summer School on Helioseismology


IMAGe/SAMSI Summer School: Fusing Geophysical Models with Data
The Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute is teaming with NCAR's Institute for Mathematics Applied to Geosciences and with NSF to host a summer school, Fusing Geophysical Models with Data, in Boulder on 13-17 June. By bridging the gap between basic and applied research, the workshop will provide participants with an understanding of the most recent advances and the most critical unsolved problems in the rapidly growing field of ensemble data assimilation. Lectures and discussion will be supplemented by a series of computational explorations using NCAR's Data Assimilation Research Testbed facility.

The workshop is intended for applied mathematicians, statisticians, and environmental scientists involved in ensemble data assimilation, targeted observations, climate modeling, and parameter estimation. Participation is limited; consideration will be given to interdisciplinary program balance, collaborative commitments, and accomplishment. Special consideration will be given to young investigators and doctoral students. Members of underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to apply.

Application deadline: 31 March
Contact: Liz Rothney , NCAR/IMAGe, 303-497-1351
IMAGe/SAMSI Summer School


Board of Trustees meeting
The UCAR Board of Trustees will meet in Boulder on 23-24 February. Topics will include updates on UCAR digital libraries; a status report on NCAR computing; discussion of the upcoming competition for the management of NCAR; and the approval of new board officers and committees. Minutes from the meeting will be linked from the Board of Trustees' Web site below at a later date. The next meeting will be 18-19 May in Washington, D.C.

Application deadline: 25 April
Contact: Susan Friberg, UCAR Governance, 303-497-1658
UCAR Board of Trustees


On the Record: a primary source for NCAR/UCAR quotes
On the Record, a new Web site from UCAR Communications, provides source material from NCAR, UCAR, and UOP researchers in its complete form for context and accuracy. The site currently includes the full transcript from an October news conference on hurricanes and global warming that included NCAR's Kevin Trenberth.

Contact: Zhenya Gallon, UCAR Communications, 303-497-8607
On the Record


Reminders from last issue

NCAR Faculty Fellowship Program
Application deadline: 15 March
Scott Briggs, NCAR/ASP, 303-497-1607

Unidata Community Equipment Awards
Application deadline: 18 March
Contact: Joanne Graham, Unidata, 303-497-8651

NCAR Undergraduate Leadership Workshop
Nomination deadline: 4 March
Tim Barnes, NCAR Education and Outreach, 303-497-1169

Postdocs at NCAR Geophysical Statistics Project
Deadline for initial consideration: 1 March
Contact: Liz Rothney, NCAR/GSP, 303-497-1351

New NCAR associate director sought for ESSL
Application deadline: 1 March


UCAR Update is e-mailed monthly to all UCAR member and affiliate representatives. Please forward to colleagues and students in your department.

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