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Press Briefing: Workshop on the Impact of Carbon Dioxide on Marine Life

April 20, 2005

pillar coral
Pillar coral. (Photo courtesy Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary; NOAA Photo Library.)

BOULDER—Scientist Joanie Kleypas of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) will join with colleagues from other institutions in a press briefing on Wednesday, April 20, during the Workshop on the Impact of Carbon Dioxide on Marine Life in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Kleypas is a marine ecologist/geologist specializing in the interactions between marine ecosystems and climate.

The Workshop on the Impacts of Increasing Atmospheric CO2 on Coral Reefs and Other Marine Calcifiers is hosted by the USGS Florida Integrated Science Center for Coastal and Watershed Studies, in cooperation with scientists from NOAA and NCAR. It brings together international experts who will compare research on the impact of increasing CO2 on skeletal formation of coral reef organisms and other marine life, and propose courses of action to deal with the impacts of rising CO2. They will examine the technology needed to monitor the CO2 system in sea water and explore the best methods for measuring the impact on many important marine organisms, including coral reefs. The workshop runs from April 18–20.

For details on the press briefing, see the USGS News Release.

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