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NCAR & UCAR News Releases - 2005

For Journalists
UCAR Communications


December 21, 2005
UCAR Recognizes Staff's Outstanding Accomplishments of 2005

December 19, 2005
Most of Arctic's Near-Surface Permafrost May Thaw by 2100

December 08, 2005
Changes to Land Cover May Enhance Global Warming in Amazon, Reduce It in Midlatitudes

December 01, 2005
Trade Imbalance Shifts U.S. Carbon Emissions to China, Boosts Global Total

November 17, 2005
Digital Libraries To Aid Teachers Affected by Hurricane Katrina

November 15, 2005
Media Advisory: Reporters Invited to Digital Library Annual Conference

October 24, 2005
Super Science Saturday to Explore Very "Attractive" Science

October 13, 2005
Warmer Seas, Wetter Air Make Harder Rains as Greenhouse Gases Build

September 30, 2005
UCAR Team Recognized for Rip Current Visualizations

September 28, 2005
New NCAR Supercomputer Slices Turnaround Time in Half

September 27, 2005
New Climate Exhibit Debuts at NCAR's Mesa Lab on October 1

September 21, 2005
Rita and Beyond: Research Model Advances Hurricane Intensity Prediction

September 15, 2005
Hurricanes Are Getting Stronger, Study Says

September 09, 2005
NCAR Instruments Spot Major Coronal Mass Ejection

September 07, 2005
Tip Sheet: Hurricane Prediction, Behavior, and Impacts

August 24, 2005
Climate Model Links Higher Temperatures to Prehistoric Extinction

August 17, 2005
UCAR Recognized as Colorado's Best Nonprofit Employer for Working Families

August 08, 2005
NCAR Radar Probes Hurricane Rainbands

July 20, 2005
Collaboration Weaves Disparate Weather, Climate Models Together

June 30, 2005
UCAR Training Helps Forecasters Predict Rip Currents

June 29, 2005
NCAR Analysis Shows Widespread Pollution from 2004 Wildfires

June 16, 2005
NCAR Climate Expert: Hurricanes To Intensify as Earth Warms

June 15, 2005
Improved Water Vapor Sensor Takes to the Skies

June 01, 2005
Rapid-Scanning Doppler on Wheels Keeps Pace with Twisters

May 26, 2005
NCAR Research Sheds Light on Solar Storms

May 24, 2005
A Continent Split by Climate Change: New Study Projects Stronger Drought in Southern Africa, More Rain in Sahel

May 11, 2005
Media Advisory: New Analysis Reproduces "Hockey Stick" Shape of Thousand Year Global Temperature Graph

April 27, 2005
The Future of U.S. Earth Science Space Missions:
UCAR President Issues Statement on NRC Assessment

April 20, 2005
Press Briefing: Workshop on the Impact of Carbon Dioxide on Marine Life

April 14, 2005
NCAR Selects IBM Supercomputer:
Blue Gene to Boost Climate, Weather Research

April 11, 2005
NCAR Celebrates Earth Day with �Wild Earth Saturday�

March 28, 2005
Two NCAR Scientists Named Leopold Leadership Fellows

February 11, 2005
Kyoto Protocol: As the Agreement Takes Effect, Many Questions Remain

February 08, 2005
NCAR Tests New Winter Road Safety System on E-470

January 27, 2005
NCAR to Acquire New Computer for Antarctic Weather Forecasts

January 10, 2005
Drought's Growing Reach: NCAR Study Points to Global Warming as Key Factor

January 04, 2005
Media Advisory: NCAR Experts on Warning Systems and Coastal Hazards

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