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Media Advisory: NCAR Experts on Warning Systems and Coastal Hazards

December 29, 2004

BOULDER—Two experts at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) can provide context to members of the media for stories on the recent tsunami disaster. Michael Glantz is a social scientist who has studied warning systems around the world, especially in developing countries. Susanne Moser is a geographer who has focused much of her work on coastal hazards and the environmental and societal factors that may intensify their impacts. Journalists may contact either Glantz or Moser directly.

For Comments on Warning Systems

Michael Glantz
Senior Scientist, Institute for the Study of Society and Environment, NCAR
Glantz's Home Page

Mickey Glantz is an expert in the interaction between climate, society, and the environment. His research covers societal responses to climate variability, change, and extremes; African drought; desertification; food production problems and prospects; the use of climate-related information for economic development; early warning systems for climate and weather impacts and other natural disasters, including tsunamis; and more. Glantz has edited several books and is the author of numerous articles on issues related to climate, environment, and policy. He organizes multidisciplinary, multinational workshops on climate-related issues.

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Superstorm '93

An inlet of India's Little Andaman Island, located in the eastern Indian Ocean, shows damage caused by the December 26, 2004, tsunami in this IKONOS satellite image. (Image courtesy NASA.)

For Comments on Coastal Hazards

Susanne Moser
Research Scientist, Institute for the Study of Society and Environment, NCAR
Moser's Home Page

Susi Moser is an expert in the human dimensions of environmental change, including vulnerability, impacts, and responses to climate change. Related interests include science communication, uncertainty, and the interface between science, policy, and decision making, as well as social and behavioral change in light of global environmental problems. Much of her work focuses on climate change impacts on coastal systems, coastal hazards management, the interface between vulnerability and resilience in relation to adaptation to environmental change, and place-based perceptions and responses to environmental degradation.



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