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UCAR Recognizes Staff’s Outstanding Accomplishments of 2004

December 15, 2004

BOULDER — The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research recognized the efforts of outstanding staff at a celebration on December 10. Richard Anthes, president of UCAR (which manages the National Center for Atmospheric Research), handed out this year’s annual awards to UCAR and NCAR staff for exceptional skills and scientific accomplishment. Winners in each of the four Outstanding Accomplishment categories listed below received cash awards and medals. See photo below.

Education and Outreach
For efforts leading to improvements in science, mathematics, or technical education, or for other efforts that significantly enhance the public's understanding of scientific or technical issues.

The 11-member UCAR Communications team, which includes Anatta, Bob Henson, Carlye Calvin, Zhenya Gallon, Nicole Gordon, David Hosansky, Yvonne Mondragon, Nita Razo, Mike Shibao, Sonja Stevenson, and Lucy Warner, for consistent, award-winning work in publicizing achievements of UCAR, NCAR, and the atmospheric sciences.

Outstanding Publication
For original research published as papers or books, or for works that connect atmospheric science with other
disciplines or public policy.

Thomas Horst, Don Lenschow, Chin-Hoh Moeng, and Peter Sullivan, for two recent articles describing their work on the Horizontal Array Turbulence Study, which revealed the need for new models of a type of turbulence known as subfilter scale. (“HATS: Field observations to obtain spatially filtered turbulence fields from crosswind arrays of sonic anemometers in the atmospheric surface layer,” Journal of Atmospheric Science, 41, 1566–1581, 2004; and “Structure of subfilter-scale fluxes in the atmospheric surface layer with application to large-eddy simulation modeling,” Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 482, 101–139, 2003).

Scientific and Technical Advancement
For efforts leading to substantial improvements in scientific and/or technical capabilities, including
advances in hardware or software engineering, computer science, and applied science.

John Michalakes, for his pioneering work in developing the software infrastructure for the Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) modeling system. WRF offers advanced capabilities for research and operations.

For exemplary and sustained mentoring efforts that directly enhance one or more persons’ career development.

Jim Wilson, for providing meaningful mentorship to a broad range of people, from junior and senior scientists, administrators, and engineers to various levels of students.


Winners of the UCAR Outstanding Accomplishment Awards for 2004.
Front row: Chin-Hoh Moeng, Sonja Stevenson, Lucy Warner, Jim Wilson, Anatta, Nita Razo, Carlye Calvin.
Second row: Nicole Gordon, Michael Shibao (green shirt), Jeff Weil, Tom Horst, Peter Sullivan.
Third row: David Hosansky, Bob Henson, Yvonne Mondragon (blue shirt), Zhenya Gallon, John Michelakes.
Back row: Katy Schmoll, Tim Killeen, Rick Anthes

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