NCAB Charter - 7/18/12

Charter for the NCAR/UCAR Network Coordination and Advisory Board (NCAB)

The NCAR/UCAR Network Coordination and Advisory Board (NCAB), reports to the Information Technology Council (ITC) and is chartered to assist the Network Engineering and Telecommunications Section (NETS) of the Computational and Information Systems Laboratory (CISL) with network planning and management. The scope of the committee will encompass the performance and function of the network cabling plant and all associated network hardware. In particular, the NCAB will assist NETS in:

  1. setting priorities;
  2. defining standard services, contract services, and special services;
  3. developing operational policies and procedures to encourage compliance;
  4. contributing to and reviewing long-term plans and strategic planning and contribute to user surveys
  5. formulating recommendations to the NCAR/UCAR management as to how network costs should be apportioned.
  6. educate users about appropriate/inappropriate use of the network (i.e., wireless bridging, internet sharing)

Requests for NCAB membership are brought to NCAB for review and recommended for approval to the ITC. Single or combined Labs/Divisions/Programs supporting twenty-five or greater staff members will be given priority. Membership will be reviewed annually.

The NCAB selects a chairperson from the NCAB membership. The chairperson serves a term of two years. The chairperson, or someone else elected by the group, serves as NCAB's liaison to the ITC and attends ITC meetings to represent the NCAB.

NCAB members serve at the discretion of their division/program until replaced or removed.

The NCAB will have regular open meetings (to be determined by the group) for briefings on new networking initiatives, updates of ongoing networking projects, and discussion of networking issues and problems. NETS will keep minutes of each meeting that includes an ongoing, prioritized, and categorized list of subjects for committee discussion. The NCAB meetings will be videoconferenced at the Mesa, Foothills Labs, and Center Green Labs.

Address any questions you may have to the NCAB Chair at
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