NCAB Policy on 802.11 Wireless Access Point Deployment - 03/19/14


Wireless in the Local Area Network using the IEEE 802.11 standard is an evolving technology. 802.11 wireless technology by nature is very easy to deploy, but very sensitive to overlapping frequencies and must be planned, deployed, and managed in a very careful and centralized fashion to ensure basic functionality, maximum bandwidth, and a secure network.

It is not feasible to allow individuals to install their own access points due to the resulting signal interference and greatly degraded performance to the common wireless network.

The situation is analogous to the allocation of frequency spectrum by the FCC. If everyone was just allowed to use any spectrum at any time for any reason, the result would be chaos, and it would be impossible to use any of the spectrum for the common good. It is therefore proposed that NCAB act as the FCC of UCAR regarding 802.11 wireless networking.

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