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The Role of Member Representatives

The success of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, a consortium of institutions organized to foster and facilitate research in the atmospheric and related sciences, depends greatly on the participation of the individual Members’ Representatives who serve as a formal link between their Member institutions and the UCAR programs. Representatives keep university colleagues informed about UCAR activities and, in turn present university perspectives and positions to UCAR.

Two representatives, normally one from the Members’ administrative staff and one from the academic staff, are appointed by the Chief Executive Officer of that institution. The length of term is decided by the Member.

The following is a list of responsibilities for UCAR Members’ Representatives:

  • Participate in annual meeting of UCAR Members, represent the positions, and act on behalf of the Member Institution at those meetings by discussing issues and voting for the election of Trustees, new Members, and Members eligible for reelection and Bylaw amendments. The Chief Executive Officer of the Member institution may assign substitutes at any time by formally filing notice to that effect with the President’s Office at UCAR.

  • Convey results of annual meetings to, and, seek opinions of colleagues at the Member institution on UCAR issues, policies and actions.

  • Maintain contact with the UCAR President, or Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Chairman of the UCAR Board of Trustees, or the University Relations Committee, or other Board and Member Committee members about concerns of the Member institution.

  • Collect and forward to the Member’s Nominating Committee recommendations for candidates for Trustees and Members’ committees.

  • Oversee the submission of departmental information of the Member institutions to the AMS/UCAR “Curricula in the Atmospheric and Oceanographic Sciences” database.

  • May prepare, at the request of the Chief Executive Officer, the Member institution reelection application.

  • Respond on behalf of the Member institution to UCAR inquiries, questionnaires, surveys, etc.

  • Provide material when appropriate for formal communication mechanisms (e.g., UCAR Quarterly publication).

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