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Member Committees

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee considers applications for election and reelection of UCAR Members and Academic Affiliates, and makes recommendations to the Members at the Annual Members' Meeting. The committee also regularly reviews the UCAR Membership criteria and procedures.

The bylaws specify a committee of at least five members; the term is for three years. Committee members do not need to be a Members Representative.

  • Ken Bowman, Chair -Texas A&M (2015)
  • William Beasley, University of Oklahoma (2015)
  • Jim Carton, University of Maryland (2016) 
  • Daniel Keyser, SUNY-Albany (2016)
  • Kirk Maasch, University of Maine (2016)
  • Nicole Mölders, University of Alaska, Fairbanks (2014)
  • Tom Mote, University of Georgia (2015)
  • Len Pietrefesa, North Carolina State University (2015)
  • Todd Sikora, Millersville University (2016)
  • George Young, Pennsylvania State University (2015)
  • Joe Zehnder, Creighton University (2014)

Nominating Committee

The Members’ Nominating Committee has the responsibility to nominate at each annual Meeting of Members candidates for UCAR Trustees and Trustees-at-Large, and to fill any vacancies that may have occurred on the Board. The Committee also proposes slates of members for all Members’ committees.

Committee members are appointed from Members Representatives and Institutional Trustees, including at least one Members Representative who is not a Trustee and at least one Institutional Trustee, whether or not such Institutional Trustee is also a Members Representative. The term is for one year.

  • Bill Easterling, Pennsylvania State University
  • Roni Avissar, University of Miami
  • Amanda Lynch, Brown University
  • Kirk Maasch, University of Maine
  • Berrien Morre, University of Oklahoma
  • Sumant Nigam, University of Maryland
  • Gene Takle, Iowa State University

Scientific Programs Evaluation Committee

The Scientific Programs Evaluation Committee (SPEC) evaluates the quality of NCAR and other UCAR programs and, at the invitation of the NSF, may participate as observers in the NSF reviews of UCAR and NCAR management and programs, most often through subcommittees or panels as appropriate

Under the Bylaws, a SPEC must be appointed no less frequently than once every five years and may not be appointed any more often than once every three.

(Elected Oct. 2010 for not more than 5, and not less than 3 years.)

  • Mary Jo Richardson, Texas A&M University, Chair
  • Jim Anderson, Arizona State University
  • Bob Dickinson, University of Texas - Austin
  • Dick Johnson, Colorado State University
  • Jim Kinter, George Mason University

President's Advisory Committee on University Relations (PACUR)

The PACUR (formlery URC) helps maintain good communication and relationships between the Corporation and the members. The PACUR acts as an advisory body to the President, reviewing strategic UCAR plans and documents and proposing agenda items for annual members’ meetings and activities and programs for UCAR to undertake. The PACUR also reviews NCAR’s non-core funding and considers any charges of unfair competition by UCAR from the university community.

The bylaws specify a committee of at least nine individuals, with a chair appointed by the President. The term is for three years; committee members do not need to be a Members Representative.

  • Yvette Richardson, Chair - Pennsylvania State University (2016)
  • Terri Adams, Howard University (2016)
  • Cecilia Bitz, University of Washington (2016)
  • Simona Bordoni, Caltech  (2014)
  • John Braun, UCP (2014)
  • Dan Czizco, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2016)
  • Tracie Holloway, University of Wisconsin, Madison (2016)
  • Brian Mapes, University of Miami (2016)
  • Robert Rauber, University of Illinois (2015)
  • Elizabeth Ritchie, University of Arizona (2014)
  • Jennifer Small, University of Hawaii (2016)
  • Robert Street, Stanford University (2015)
  • Jeff Trapp, Purdue University (2015)
  • Mike Wiltberger, NCAR (2014)
  • Alan Robock, Trustee Liaison - Rutgers University
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