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UCAR is a nonprofit consortium of more than 100 North American universities that offer programs in the atmospheric and related Earth system sciences. Through their Member Representatives, these member universities help guide the direction and set priorities for the National Center for Atmospheric Research. 

Institution Member Since  Member Representatives 
Arizona State University  2000 James Anderson
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering  Matthew Fraser 
School of Sustainability 
Brown University  2008 Amanda Lynch
Department of Geological Sciences Brad Marston 
Department of Physics 
California Institute of Technology  1971 Simona Bordoni 
Environmental Science & Engineering  Andrew Thompson 
Central Michigan University  2007 Richard Mower
Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Daria B. Kluver
Coastal Carolina University  2009 Var Limpasuvan
College of Natural & Applied Sciences 
College of Charleston 1993 Mitchell Colgan
Department of Geology & Environmental Geosciences
Colorado State University   1964 Jeffrey L. Collett
Department of Atmospheric Science Bill Farland
Columbia University  2003 Tiffany A. Shaw
Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences Lorenzo Polvani 
Applied Physics & Mathematics 
Cornell University  1959 Joseph Burns 
Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences  Gang Chen
Creighton University  2008 Joseph Zehnder
Department of Atmospheric Sciences
Drexel University 1973 Frederick B. House
Department of Physics & Atmospheric Sciences  Susan S. Kilham 
Department of Biodiversity, Earth & Environmental Science 
Florida Institute of Technology 2005 Steven Lazarus
Marine and Environmental Systems 
Florida State University  1959 Robert G. Ellingson
Department of Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Science Gary K. Ostrander
George Mason University 2009 Vikas Chandhoke
Department of Atmospheric, Ocean and Earth Sciences Jagadish Shukla 
Georgia Institute of Technology  1983 Judith Curry 
School of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences  Peter Webster
Harvard University  1970 Kelly Chance
Center for Astrophysics  Brian Farrell 
Howard University  2000 Everette Joseph
Department of Physics & Astronomy  William Stockwell
Department of Chemistry 
Iowa State University  1973 Chitra Rajan
Xiaoqing Wu
Jackson State University 1990 Loren White 
Department of Physics, Atmospheric Sciences & Geoscience
Johns Hopkins University   1959 Thomas  W.N. Haine
Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences  Darryn Waugh 
Lyndon State College 1991 Nolan Atkins
Department of Atmospheric Sciences
Massachusetts Institute of Technology  1959 Lodovica C. Illari
Department of Earth Atmospheric & Planetary Sciences  Paul O'Gorman
McGill University  1971 John Gyakum
Department of Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences  Peter Yau
Metropolitan State University of Denver 2007 Richard Wagner
Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences Keah Schuenemann
Michigan State University  2010 Jiaguo Qi 
Department of Geography  Shiyuan Zhong
Center for Global Change & Earth Observations 
Millersville University 1990 Sepideh Yalda
Department of Earth Sciences
Naval Postgraduate School  1983 Philip A. Durkee
Engineering & Applied Sciences  Wendell A. Nuss
Department of Meteorology 
Nevada System of Higher Education 1971 Eric Wilcox 
Desert Research Institute 
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology  1973 Peter F. Gerity
Langmuir Laboratory for Atmospheric Research  Kenneth Eack 
New York University  1959 David Michael Holland
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences  Andrew J. Majda 
North Carolina State University  1978 Walter Robinson 
Department of Marine, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences  Viney P. Aneja
Ohio State University  1972 Jay S. Hobgood
Department of Atmospheric Sciences 
Old Dominion University  1988 Larry P. Atkinson
Center for Coastal Physical Oceanography  Mohammad A. Karim
Oregon State University  1971 Mark R. Abbott
College of Oceanic & Atmospheric Sciences  Karen Shell 
Pennsylvania State University  1959 William Brune
College of Earth & Mineral Sciences  William Easterling 
Department of Meteorology 
Plymouth State University 1992 Eric Hoffman
Department of Atmospheric Science and Chemistry
Princeton University  1981 Leo J. Donner 
Department of Atmospheric & Ocean Sciences  Jorge L. Sarmiento 
Purdue University  1971 Sonia Lasher-Trapp
College of Sciences  Jeff Roberts 
Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences 
Rice University  1972 David Alexander
Department of Physics & Astronomy  Rob Griffin 
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering 
Rutgers University  2000 Jim Miller
Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences  Alan Robock 
Department of Environmental Sciences 
Saint Cloud State University 1992 Anthony Hansen
Department of Earth Sciences
Saint Louis University  1959 William Dannevik
Division of Research Administration  Raymond C. Tait 
Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences 
San Francisco State University 1992 Oswaldo Garcia
Department of Geosciences
San Jose State University 1990 Alison Bridger 
Department of Meteorology
Scripps Institute of Oceanography  1982 Joel Norris
Atmospheric Aerosol Group  Lynn Russell 
South Dakota School of Mines & Technology 1990 Andrew Detwiler
Institute of Atmospheric Sciences
Stanford University  1973 Noah Diffenbaugh
Department of Environmental Earth System Science Jeffrey R. Koseff 
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering 
State University of New York (SUNY), Albany  1970 James Schwab
Atmospheric Sciences Research Center  Chris Thorncroft 
Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
State University of New York (SUNY) Brockport 1991 Scott Rochette 
Department of the Earth Sciences
State University of New York (SUNY), Oswego 2010 Alfred Stamm
Department of Earth Sciences  Scott Steiger
State University of New York (SUNY), Stony Brook  2006 Brian Colle
School of Marine & Atmospheric Sciences  Sultan Hameed
Texas A&M University  1959 Kate C. Miller
College of Geosciences  Ping Yang 
Texas State University, San Marcos 2012 Rich Dixon 
Department of Geography Jason Julian 
Texas Tech University  1997 John Schroeder 
Department of Geosciences  Christopher Weiss
United States Naval Academy 1991 Brad Barrett
Department of Oceanography Reza Malek-Madani
Universidad Metropolitana 1996 Juan F. Arratia
University of Alabama, Huntsville 1992 Ray Vaughn
The National Space Science and Technology Center Sundar Christopher 
Atmospheric Science Department
University of Alaska, Fairbanks 1964 Mark Myers
Arctic Region Supercomputing Nicole Mölders
Geophysical Institute - Atmospheric Sciences Research Group
Department of Atmospheric Sciences (DAS)
University of Arizona  1959 Eric Betterton
College of Science  Joaquin Ruiz
Department of Atmospheric Sciences 
University of California, Berkeley 2003 John Chiang
Department of Geography Ronald Cohen 
Department of Chemistry 
University of California, Davis 1983 Richard Grotjahn
Department of Land, Air and Water  Susan Ustin 
University of California, Irvine 1986 Gudrun Magnusdottir
Department of Earth System Science  Charles Zender 
University of California, Los Angeles 1959 Joseph Rudnick
College of Letters & Science  Ulii Siebt 
Department of Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences 
University of Chicago  1959 Noboru Nakamura
Department of Geophysical Sciences Fred Stafford 
University of Colorado  1964 Robert E. Sievers
Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences  David Noone 
Global Change & Environmental Quality Program 
University of Connecticut 2008 Suman Singha
Center for Environmental Science & Engineering  Michael Willig 
University of Delaware 2007 Charlie Riordan 
College of Earth, Ocean & Environment  Nancy Targett
University of Denver  1966 Alex Huffman
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry  Brian Majestic 
University of Georgia  2012 Tom Mote
Department of Geography  J. Marshall Shepherd
Department of Atmospheric Sciences 
University of Hawaii  1965 Steven Businger
School of Ocean & Earth Sciences and Technology  Brian Taylor 
University of Houston 2005 John Casey
Department of Geosciences   Barry Lefer
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign  1970 Robert Rauber 
Department of Atmospheric Sciences  Donald J. Wuebbles 
University of Iowa  1993 Gregory R. Carmichael
Center for Global & Regional Environmental Research  Scott Spak
Urban & Regional Planning 
University of Kansas 1991 David Mechem 
Department of Geography 
University of Louisiana, Monroe 1992 Anne Case Hanks
Department of Atmospheric Science, Earth Science and Physics 
University of Maine 2009 Kirk Maasch
Climate Change Institute  Paul Mayewski
University of Maryland, College Park  1967 James Carton
Department of Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences  Sumant Nigam 
University of Miami  1968 Roni Avissar
Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science  Paquita Zuidema
University of Michigan  1959 Richard B. Rood 
Atmosphere, Ocean & Space Science 
University of Minnesota 1965 Efi Foufoula-Georgiou
Department of Civil Engineering  Scott St. George
Department of Geography 
University of Missouri  1968 Donald E. Hagen
Department of Soil, Environmental & Atmospheric Science  Anthony Lupo 
University of Nebraska, Lincoln  1979 Kenneth Dewey
High Plains Regional Climate Center  Clint Rowe
Earth & Atmospheric Sciences 
University of New Hampshire  1991 Harlan E. Spence
Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans & Space  Ruth K. Varner 
Earth Systems Research 
University of North Carolina, Asheville  2010 Douglas Miller 
Department of Atmospheric Sciences
University of North Dakota  1990 Paul Lindseth
John D. Odegard School of Aerospace  Michael Poellot
Department of Atmospheric Sciences 
University of Oklahoma  1966 Berrien Moore III
College of Atmospheric & Geographical Sciences  David Parsons 
School of Meteorology 
University of Rhode Island  1985 David M. Farmer
Graduate School of Oceanography  Rainer Lohmann
University of Texas at Arlington  2008 Arne Winguth
Department of Earth & Environment Sciences
University of Texas, Austin  1964 Juan M. Sanchez
Department Geological Sciences  Zong-Liang Yang 
University of Toronto  1970 Stephen Julian 
Department of Physics  Paul Kushner 
University of Utah  1964 James Ehleringer 
College of Science Steven K. Krueger 
Department of Atmospheric Sciences 
University of Virginia  1979 Richard W. Miksad
School of Engineering & Applied Sciences  Stephan de Wekker
Department of Environmental Sciences 
University of Washington  1959 David Battisti
Department of Atmospheric Sciences Gregory Hakim 
University of Wisconsin, Madison  1959 Matthew Hitchman
Department of Atmospheric & Ocean Sciences  Larissa Back
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee  1979 Clark Evans 
Department of Mathematical Sciences  Jon Kahl
Atmospheric Sciences Group
University of Wyoming  1976 William A. Gern
Department of Atmospheric Science Jefferson Snider
Utah State University  1971 Robert R. Gillies 
College of Natural Resources Brent C. Miller 
Valparaiso University 2012 Kevin Goebbert 
Meteorology Program 
Washington State University  1986 Tom Jobson
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering  David McLean 
Western Illinois University  2009 Redina Herman
Department of Geography
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute  1973 Steven Jayne 
Department of Physical Oceanography  Susan Avery 
Yale University  1984 Ronald Smith
Department of Geology 
York University  1996 Youngshen Chen
  Department of Science & Engineering Don Hastie
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