UCAR 2012 Annual Meetings

Membership Survey


In April 2012, the UCAR Board of Trustees appointed the Governance Task Group (GTG) to examine current UCAR governance bylaws and practices and make recommendations to the Board to update our structure and processes and on changes to enhance UCAR’s ability to serve its member institutions into the future.

As part of their work, the GTG is asking that you answer the following three questions. Your responses will feed into a discussion with the panel comprised of GTG members* on Tuesday afternoon.

*Members of the Governance Task Group are:  Mark Abbott - Oregon State University, co-Chair; Fred Carr – University of Oklahoma, Co-chair; Scott Sternberg – Vaisala and UCAR Board Member; Vasu Misra - Florida State University;  Sepideh Yalda – Millersville University;  Greg Hakim – University of Washington;  and Yvette Richardson - Penn State University.
  1. Is the current two-tier Membership structure (Members and Academic Affiliates) still relevant? Please explain:
  2. What do you think about combining the two levels of Membership into one (ie. one level of voting Membership)?
  3. What are the potential advantages and disadvantages of combining the two levels of Membership?

Additional comments, etc:

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