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Membership Committee Report


September 16, 2011


To: UCAR Members’ Representatives
From: William Beasley, Chair of the UCAR Membership Committee
Subj: 2011 Membership Committee Report

The Membership Committee conducted its business over email and via conference calls this past year.  We considered one new university applicant for UCAR membership, reviewed 14 Institutional and Academic Affiliate membership renewal applications.

The new member applicant, University of North Dakota, hosted members of the Membership Committee for a very interesting site visit on 4 April 2011. UND has been an Academic Affiliate since 1990, and graduated its first PhD student this year.

On 1 July 2011 the Membership Committee had a conference call to review the UND application material; the Membership Committee voted to recommend the approval of the University of North Dakota’s application for Institutional Membership.  In addition, the committee also voted to recommend approval of all 10 renewing Member institutions and the four renewing Academic Affiliates whose applications we reviewed this year.

The Members will vote on our recommendations at the Annual Meeting; please review the reports below.  No vote is needed on the Academic Affiliate recommendations; the Membership Committee’s approval completes their affiliation application process.

I want to thank the members of the committee for reading the applications, attending the site visit and for writing the reports—Lourdes Aviles Bramer, Ken Bowman, Daniel Keyser, Gousheng Liu, Nicole Molders, Jennie Moody, Len Pietrefesa, Todd Sikora, LuAnne Thompson, and George Young.

Renewing Member Institutions:

Renewing Academic Affiliate Institutions:

Institutions applying for Membership:


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