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On 6 Oct 2010, ~40 UCAR community members met after the 4-5 Oct 2010 UCAR Annual Members Meeting to discuss how the community could use “alliances” to address a range of workforce issues.  This workshop was born out of a three year conversation on how the UCAR community can contribute to making our nation more resilient to severe weather and a changing climate, including university-city (urban and rural) partnerships and toolkits and interesting ways to combine science and art to improving our teaching in the classroom and public settings.    These have been great discussions, but the Annual meeting doesn’t lend itself to in depth discussion on these topics.  Thus, this workshop was also a trial to explore whether post-annual meeting workshops would provide an effective forum for these deeper conversations.   By all accounts this was a very successful workshop.  While there will be a summary report in the near future, some key points included:

  1. Don Wuebbles (Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign).
    Don Wuebbles (Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign).
    There was strong support among those represented for a community-focused effort to partner universities and stakeholders together to work on severe weather and changing climate adaptation, to provide toolkits for these partnerships, and to better train students for the type of careers needed for severe weather and changing climate adaptation planning.
  2. It was felt that this type of severe weather and changing climate adaptation related effort could interest more students to enter STEM education and its focus on helping local communities could raise the profile of our departments on their campuses and engender advocacy support for our science from leaders outside of our community.
  3. The workshop participants urged that a proposal be developed to help the community develop and share severe weather and changing climate adaptation curriculum and provide leadership in this area.
  4. This type of workshop was very effective and the UCAR community should consider doing these on other pressing community issues.


Below is information on the workshop organizers, participants, presentations and agenda:

Workshop Organizers:

List of Participants (PDF)

Rich Clark (Millersville University of Pennsylvania).
Rich Clark (Millersville University of Pennsylvania).

Workshop Introduction and Presentation.  From a survey at the 2010 UCAR Annual Members meeting, ~65 members indicated that they were interested/involved in university-city climate/severe weather adaptation partnerships and ~100  interested/involved in climate/severe weather adaptation curriculum development.  At the 4-5 Oct Members meeting keynoters ASU President presentations Michael Crow and Do-it-Yourself University author Anya Kamenetz discussed whether universities are properly preparing students for complex environmental-related careers, whether universities are pricing themselves out of the training market, and how students are looking for more cost effective and innovative ways to acquire needed skills.  They both also touched on changing demographics.  At the same meeting, the Alliance Workshop organizers provider a series of “teaser” presentations on how Alliances could help our community address these issues.    The next day the Alliance workshop organizers got into much great detail on these alliances and led a spirited discussion on possible actions.  Below is the agenda of the meeting and links to the presentations:




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