UCAR 2011 Annual Meetings

2011 Annual Meetings



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Various 2011 UCAR Annual Meeting participants



Status Reports and Presentations:

UCAR members who received the annual UCAR Science Advocacy Awards.
UCAR members who received the annual UCAR Science Advocacy Awards.





Forum Presentations:

This year’s meeting continued our three-year conversation on how the UCAR community can contribute to making our nation more resilient to severe weather and a changing climate.   We have talked about university-city partnerships and toolkits and interesting ways to combine science and art to improving our teaching in the classroom and public settings.  This year we will focus on workforce issues.  In particular, creating the right leaders and workforce for the future given skills needs, changing demographics, and expected weather and climate-related stresses.  



Panel Discussion:

The purpose of this panel was to solicit ideas from the members on whether our community should be considering alliances to tackle the kind of workforce and training issues being raised by the keynotes and the following panel members:

  • Ginny Brown, National Council for Science and the Environment (24.5 MB Windows Media Video file)
  • Rich Clark, Millersville University
  • Jack Fellows, UCAR
  • Raj Pandya, UCAR
  • Dana Reinert, Kansas State
  • Don Wuebbles, University of Illinois (PDF)



Elections (Trustees and Members Committees):

Board of Trustees:
The Members elected the following to the UCAR Board of Trustees:

Institutional Trustees


Member Committees:
The Members elected the following new committees members:

President's Advisory Committee on University Relations (PACUR):

  • Simona Bordoni, Caltech
  • John Braun, UCP
  • Elizabeth Ritchie, University of Arizona
  • Mike Wiltberger, NCAR

Membership Committee:

  • Nicole Mölders, University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • Joe Zehnder, Creighton University

Nominating Committee:

  • Bill Easterling, Pennsylvania State University – Chair
  • Steve Ackerman, University of Wisconsin
  • Susan Avery, Woods Hole
  • Eric Betterton, University of Arizona
  • Everette Joseph, Howard University
  • Kirk Maasch, University of Maine
  • Sumant Nigam, University of Maryland
  • Walt Robinson, North Carolina State University
  • Alan Robock, Rutgers University

Membership Committee Report:
The following institution was elected as the 77th UCAR Member:

The following institutions Memberships in UCAR were renewed for the next 8 years.

And for information purposes, the new Academic Affiliate institutions were approved by the Membership Committee in June 2011.

2012 Renewals:
The following UCAR memberships and academic affiliations will expire on 31 December 2012.  Later this fall (2011), UCAR Corporate Affairs office will contact the Member and Affiliate Representatives from these institutions to learn of their intent to renew, and let them know of the renewal procedures and schedule for submission of materials.

UCAR Members

  • University of Denver     
  • University of Hawaii       
  • University of Minnesota              
  • University of Oklahoma
  • Old Dominion University  
  • York University

Academic Affiliates

  • University of Kansas      
  • Lyndon State College    
  • U. S. Naval Academy         
  • State University of New York at Brockport           

The Member and Affiliate Procedures for preparing your renewal application can be found at:



UCAR Alliance Workshop

On 6 Oct 2010, 40 UCAR community members met after the 4-5 Oct 2010 UCAR Annual Members Meeting to discuss how the community could use “alliances” to address a range of workforce issues. 



If you have any questions regarding the meetings, please contact: Aneka Finley, 303.497.1655 or
Susan Friberg, 303.497.1658.

Questions regarding this website, contact Michelle Flores.

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