UCAR 2011 Annual Meetings

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Communication Events
Tuesday, October 4



For Early Career Faculty Guests:
Workshop: The Face of Science - communicating your science to the media and elected officials
Please note: this workship is now full.

How best to engage the media to share your findings? What do public officials really need to hear from scientists to be effective? Why should you even engage in a public discourse on science that has had a reputation for being simplistic, politicized and downright frustrating?

This session provides answers to these questions. Discussion and hands-on engagement with communication professionals, journalists and public officials will shape, inform and refine the delivery of your own messages in a manner that helps deliver clarity and impact for your work.


Luncheon Panel Discussion - Open to all
"Getting Our Story Straight: Shaping the public dialogue on science"

Conveying the implications and applications of our science is becoming more, not less complex. With media and policy debates around scientific issues fraught with gridlock and confusion, we must look at how the scientific process itself sometimes contributes more noise than clarity. This plenary session features a leading journalist, a senior public official, and a senior scientist. Together, they will share:

  • Insights about the day-to-day challenges they each face when it comes to getting science right
  • Hard-earned lessons about mistakes to avoid
  • A way forward assuring that science and its implications are clear, actionable and inspirational
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