UCAR 2011 Annual Meetings

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Community Alliance Workshop


The 2011 Annual Meeting Forum  will examine whether our consortium should develop alliances to tackle big challenges facing our community and nation.   You may recall from last year’s meeting survey that we had ~65 universities interested/involved in university-city climate/severe weather adaptation  partnerships and ~100 universities interested/involved in climate/severe  weather adaptation curriculum development.   

We will hold a one-day workshop on Thursday, 6 October (day following the 4-5 Oct Members’ Meeting) to

  1. refine a community plan for this type of curriculum alliance and the university-city partnerships, and 

  2. examine how we should reach out to corporate and urban/state leaders to show them why this alliance and partnerships would benefit them. 

We hope you will attend. (Click here for additional Forum/Workshop info.)

Workshop Steering Committee:

  • Steve Ackerman, University of Wisconsin
  • David Blockstein, National Council on Science and the Environment
  • Rich Clark, Millersville University
  • Jack Fellows, UCAR
  • Linda Mearns, NCAR
  • Raj Pandya, UCAR
  • Gene Takle, Iowa State University
  • Don Wuebbles, University of Illinois
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